Author: Michael Dickens

Kevin Anderson is serious about helping tennis get more green

International Blog – Michael Dickens During a recent online Q & A with Sports Illustrated executive editor Jon Wertheim, one tennis fan raised a question not about the never-ending debate of who’s the greatest player of all time, but rather […]

Althea Gibson: “Let me be one of you”

International Blog – Michael Dickens Althea Gibson didn’t just change the sport of international tennis. She fought for what she achieved, both in tennis, where she won 11 total Grand Slam titles, and in advancing civil rights in America during […]

Does Tennis Need to Change? Yes, Let’s Embrace The Chaos

International Blog – Michael Dickens During a recent episode of “The Tennis Podcast,” co-host David Law and Daily Telegraph tennis writer Charlie Eccleshare debated the merits of shorter sets versus long-form classics along with former British doubles player-turned-broadcaster Colin Fleming, […]

Arthur Ashe: Thoughts On A Remarkable Life

International Blog – Michael Dickens This year marked the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Open tennis tournament in New York City. In celebrating its history, the U.S. Open also celebrated the legacy of Arthur Ashe with a special photo exhibit […]