Spain Considers National Tennis Tour

STARNBERG, April 6, 2020 According to Spain’s national daily sport newspaper Marca, the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) hopes to put on a domestic men’s tennis tour to enable the country’s top players to build match fitness. Marca learned through […]

Top 10 Greatest Tennis Players Of All Time

STARNBERG, April 1, 2020 Tennis is one of the most followed sports globally with over a billion fans. It has transcended from a sport of the rich to one that is loved the world over to the extent of attracting […]

Tennis Tournaments In Spain To Be Played Behind Closed Doors

STARNBERG, March 10, 2020 In accordance with the preventive measures adopted by the Government of Spain in view of the situation generated by the expansion of the Covid-19 coronavirus, the Ministry of Culture and Sports has urged the Spanish Sports […]

Increased Broadcasting Of WTA Tournaments In Canada

MONTREAL, February 21, 2020 (Tennis Canada Press Release) TSN announced on Thursday the terms of a new agreement with the WTA which will allow them to increase their tennis broadcasts. In fact, the network will broadcast nine WTA tournaments in […]

How Much Do Professional Athletes Really Make?

STARNBERG, February 21, 2020 (Guest post) Many people are of the opinion that professional athletes are overpaid. While the likes of Tiger Woods demand multi-million-dollar contracts, how much do professional athletes that aren’t hitting the headlines really make? It seems […]

Top 5 Greatest Tennis Comebacks Of All Time

STARNBERG, February 18, 2020 Over the years, tennis fans have witnessed a lot of talking points in their beloved game. There have been controversies and a considerable amount of disputes in different tournaments across the world. We have documented upsets […]

Five Most-Followed Tennis Stars On Instagram

STARNBERG, July 8, 2019 Social media is the place to be and connect with people from all over the world. Instagram is currently the most popular social media site. As the platform gains millions of followers every day, some tennis […]

Online Tennis Betting Tips For Beginners

STARNBERG, April 15, 2019 (Sponsored) The world of online tennis betting might seem intimidating to the uninitiated and there are certainly some things that one has to learn before becoming a proficient sports bettor. These can range from bankroll management […]

Does Tennis Need to Change? Yes, Let’s Embrace The Chaos

International Blog – Michael Dickens During a recent episode of “The Tennis Podcast,” co-host David Law and Daily Telegraph tennis writer Charlie Eccleshare debated the merits of shorter sets versus long-form classics along with former British doubles player-turned-broadcaster Colin Fleming, […]