Murray Works With Lendl Again

LONDON, June 12, 2016

Andy Murray will work with Ivan Lendl again. This was announced on Sunday. The pair has worked together for two years, from 2012 to 2014, and during that time the world number two won Wimbledon, the US Open and the Olympic gold medal.

Here are  some quotes of an in-house Aegon Championships TV interview with the tournament’s top-seed.

First, congratulations on a great clay court season. Can you just give us an idea of how you spent the last week? Is it tough to get a balance between rest and recuperation and preparation for Queen’s?

Yeah, well I took five days off. I didn’t do anything from Monday to Friday. I came in and practised here on Saturday but yeah I mean I’m obviously excited for the start of the grass court season. You kind of want to get out there and get used to the conditions but also you have to realise how long the clay court season was for me. I’d never done that well on clay before so I needed to let my body rest and recover a little bit before I started practising on the grass again.

I guess the flip side is that you’re feeling great about your game. Do you feel like you’re almost the most confident you’ve ever been coming into a grass court season because of what you achieved on a clay court? 

Yeah I think obviously playing matches helps. And the amount of matches that I’ve played as well. Also the situations that I’ve been in, I’ve played a lot of tight matches, quite a lot of long matches so physically I’m not so concerned. Needing to get in much better shape, I think I’ve played enough matches for that. And yeah it’s just a matter of trying to maintain your timing with the change of surface which could take a little bit of time, but the first couple of practices have been good and that’s positive.

News today that Ivan Lendl is back on the team. Can you just confirm that and how long that will be for and what that arrangement is? 

Yeah, well hopefully it will be for a long time, from my side. He’s coming over, he’ll be here for the tournament and it’s good for him to spend a bit of time with the rest of the team as well to see how things work out. But provided everything’s good, it will hopefully go on for a long time.

Are there specific elements at this stage in your career that you think he can help you out with over the next few weeks? 

I think the most successful period of my career was while I was working with Ivan. I know what he can offer. The experiences he had I think psychologically he helped me in the major competitions and they’re obviously the events I’m trying to win and am competing for. I hope he can bring that same experience and those same benefits that he did last time.

And just a last question about Queen’s, you’re going for a record fifth title here. It must be a huge honour, when you look at some of the great players who have won this tournament over the years? 

Yeah it’s a big goal of mine to try and win here a fifth time. It’s a great event, always with a really strong field. You know it’s got so much history this event, many of the greatest players ever have played and won here over the years. So if I can do it again and get to five, it would be a big achievement.