Martin Appoints Miklusicak As New Coach

Andrej Martin

TRNAVA, December 27, 2016

Slovakia’s number four, Andrej Martin, will start into the new season with a new coach. This was announced by the EMPIRE Tennis Academy last week. The 27-year-old from Bratislava has already started to work with Peter Miklusicak, former coach of Dominika Cibulkova.

Martin’s previous coach Miloslav Grolmus from the EMPIRE Tennis Academy led him to reach the third round of Roland Garros and also to advance to the ATP 250 singles final of the Croatia Open in Umag. In the following, Martin broke into the top 100 for the first time but missed to clinch a title in 2016.

“I would like to thank again my former coach Miloslav Grolmus for a great work in the 2016 season, in which I experienced some wonderful victories. I would also like to thank my club TC EMPIRE Trnava for its help and willingness in the new coach selection and engagement,” Martin stated on the website of the EMPIRE Tennis Academy.

“Although slightly delayed, I would like to introduce my new coach, Peter Miklusicak, new member of EMPIRE Tennis Academy. We have just begun our preparation for the new season in December. I am looking forward to our future cooperation. I believe to experience a lot of fine moments during the new season that will lead to a permanent ranking inside the top 100,” said Martin.

Miklusicak will try to do his best for the progress of the current World No. 137. “When Andrej played at the ATP Challenger in Budapest, already without Grolmus, he asked me to go there with him. So I went there and after the loss (to Michal Przysiezny in the opening round), we talked about the match. We found a common view at things that need to be improved. Then he asked me to be his coach and to travel with him around the world. It just started by coincidence,” said Miklusicak, who has a clear idea of the goals for the new season

“I expect from our cooperation that Andrej will move to a top 100 player, not only for a short time, but also to be a permanent member of this elite group. Next goal is top 50 of the world. We are setting up the team around Martin. We are trying to be more professional in terms of preparation. I want to relieve him from a lot of things that he was doing alone so far. I see huge potential for improvements, that is why I look forward to it,” said Miklusicak.

Martin will start the 2017 season in Melbourne at the Australian Open singles qualifying, where he is heading on the 3rd of January.