Djokovic Announces Split From Vajda

STARNBERG, May 5, 2017

Novak Djokovic announced Friday that he has split from coach Marian Vajda, his current fitness coach Gebhard Phil Gritsch and physiotherapist Miljan Amanovic. The 29-year-old Serbian has revealed the decision is because he wants to “find the winning spark again”.

Djokovic stated on his official website:

“I am forever grateful to Marian, GG and Miljan for decade of friendship, professionalism and commitment to my career goals. Without their support I couldn’t have achieved these professional heights. I know they completely dedicated themselves and their lives to help me achieve my dreams and they were always my driving force and wind in my back. It was not an easy decision, but we all felt that we need a change. I am very grateful and proud of our relationship and unbreakable bond that we built through years of mutual love, respect and understanding. They are my family and that will never change.”

Former professional Marian Vajda, who began coaching Djokovic in 2006 before being replaced by Boris Becker but remained part of the entourage, thanked the World No. 2 on behalf of the whole team for the years they spent together and for the wonderful co-operation.

“Time spent with Novak feels like a whole lifetime. We were part of many of his incredible achievements, we were living and breathing for his dreams. I gave everything I could as a coach and I am very proud of our results. We arrived to the point where we all realized we need new energy in the team. Novak can do so much more and I am sure he will. I am convinced that he will remain at the top of the tennis for many years and that he will bring a lot of joy to all the tennis fans around the world with his victories. Of course, we will continue consulting each other, seeing each other and hanging out together because after all, we are a family”, explained Vajda on the official website.