The Festivities Are Launched For Tennis Day In Canada On May 13

Aleksandra Wozniak will join Tennis Day in Canada (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

MONTREAL, May 10, 2017 (Press Release)

Tennis Canada launched Tuesday the first edition of Tennis Day in Canada which will be held on Saturday May 13. In order to showcase that tennis is an accessible sport for people of all ages and skill levels, several Quebec personalities and media members challenged top 8-10 year old prospects, senior world champion Rosemarie Asch, former pro players Réjean Genois, Simon Larose, Frédéric Niemeyer, Marie-Ève Pelletier, Philippe Bédard, bronze medalist at the most recent Parapan Am Games, as well as current WTA players Françoise Abanda and Aleksandra Wozniak.

The players exchanged a few balls on the courts at Uniprix Stadium to highlight the celebration of tennis that will be held on Saturday. For the occasion, all Canadians from across the country are encouraged to pick up a racquet and try the sport of tennis as the first-ever Tennis Day in Canada. Supported by Tennis Canada, the Provincial Tennis Associations, and the Tennis Professionals Association, Tennis Day in Canada will be a national festival for the sport and make tennis more accessible than ever with over 150 clubs offering free courts and programming.

“The goal of Tennis Day in Canada is to introduce more people to the sport and celebrate the growing tennis community,” said Eugène Lapierre, Vice-President of professional tennis in Quebec. “Tennis has been on the rise in Canada for the past several years and we want to make sure that this trend continues for many years to come.”

A 2016 study conducted by Charlton Insights showing that 6.5 million Canadians played tennis at least once in the past year, an increase of 14 per cent from 2015.

People of all ages, experience, and ability can take part on May 13 whether they have never hit a tennis ball before or they play regularly. With free activities run by TPA-certified coaches and equipment provided, it will never be easier for Canadians to try the sport for the first time, learn just how fun it can be, and reap the social, physical, and mental benefits of playing tennis. A complete listing of participating clubs from 11 provinces and territories can be found at, where interested individuals, families, and friends can find a location near them. New locations will be added up to May 13, with over 150 clubs signed up to take part in Canada’s 150th anniversary year.

Tennis Day in Canada is not limited to clubs however, as the day is about celebrating the sport and getting involved by playing tennis. Whether it’s popping by a local public court with your friend, setting up a mini-tennis net on a driveway, or playing against a wall, Canadians are invited to simply get out and play.

For more information on Tennis Day in Canada and to consult the list of participating clubs, please visit: