Emilio Sanchez-Vicario Launches International Youth Tour in Honor of Academia Student Casper Fernandez

Casper Tour 2018

STARNBERG, May 14, 2018

Academia Sanchez-Casal World Wide Tennis Academies (ASC), Help A Diabetic Child Foundation (HADC) and the Emilio Sanchez Vicario Foundation (ESVF) announce the creation and launch of the 2018 CASPER TOUR.

The 2018 Casper Tour has been created based on the finally wishes of Casper Fernandez, an ASC student who sadly passed away last summer in 2017 after a brave battle against cancer. Casper’s last wish to his father was to help other kids to train and develop a successful career in tennis. The 2018 Casper Tour in partnership with the HADC, ASC and ESVF have partnered up to bring this message and spread this mission all around the world with this international tennis tour.

“The Casper Tour is a tour born from tragedy. Casper was a tennis player who was trying to follow his dream of becoming a champion,” Emilio Sanchez-Vicario said during the Mutua Madrid Open last week. “He showed so much courage. In the first moments, he was angry. But then he realised he wanted to help and he wanted to give back. So he convinced his father and me and everyone to try to put something together to help others.”

The 2018 Casper Tour will offer players U14 (born in 2003), U13 (born in 2004), U12 (born in 2005), U11 (born in 2006), U10 (born in 2007) & U9 (born in 2008) the maximum number of competitive matches using a fair combination of age and UTR ranking of the tournament committee criteria.

April 13 – 15 in Nanjing, China at Sanchez-Casal Academy
June 1 – 3 in New York, NY at World Gym Setauket
June 13 – 15 in Naples, FL at Sanchez-Casal Academy
June 21 – 24 in Barcelona, Spain at Sanchez-Casal Academy
September 13 – 16 in Madrid, Spain at Ciudad de la Raqueta
September 28 – 30 in Atlanta, GA Rome at Tennis Center – Berry College
October 26 – 28 in Miami, FL at Crandon Park
December 6 – 8 in Naples, FL at Sanchez-Casal Academy