Finding Tennis Tips Online

Starnberg, July 16, 2018 (Sponsored)

There are far more ways to bet on tennis than we’ve seen in past years, and it’s helped by the number of sports betting communities who’ve taken an interest in it ahead of more generic alternatives like football and horse racing. It’s up there with the best sports in the world and it’s no big surprise to see such an interest when considering major tournaments like The French Open, The US Open, The Australian Open, The Indian Wells Tennis Masters, The ATP World Tour Finals and Wimbledon, listing just a few.

Tracking down reliable tennis tips on the internet has become the easiest way of finding a good bet to get behind and there’s a lot of places to find one that you might take an interest in. Even those who aren’t interested in betting will be aware of the variety of sports betting communities around, but none are large enough to rival TeamFA, who provide their own tennis tips and predictions to the thousands of punters who are passionate about the sport.

Popular methods of betting on tennis

As with almost any sporting event you can bet on, the match result ranks as the primary market to bet on. It’s given the same name as in football betting (or having a punt on most other sports) but also with the option of backing the winner of the opening set.

This will usually be followed by options to bet on set betting, where you can choose what the final score will be, or tennis statistics markets, where you’re able to predict specific outcomes in the entire match, with a yes or no answer being the option for a lot of these markets.

More advanced tennis betting markets

For sports betting communities who want to offer more to their followers and fans, there is a largely extensive list of more specific bets that are available to tennis punters. These include the ‘create your own bet’-style selections that you will see on SkyBet RequestABet, BetVictor PriceItUp and Bet365 Bet Builder, as well as niche options such as Bouncebackability and Aces Handicap.

Markets for betting on tennis continue to grow more as punters continue to request a larger option of selections for them to indulge in. This will always be the case, as it is for football and horse racing, but it’s arguably more exciting when it comes to tennis, as it was previously quite slim in terms of available markets.