ITF Launches Advantage All Campaign To Promote Gender Equality

International Tennis Federation

ITF Press Release, August 15, 2018

The ITF presented its Gender Equality Strategy on the opening day of the 2018 ITF Conference and AGM in Orlando, Florida.

The Advantage All campaign, which is based around five key themes, is aimed at improving gender equality in all areas of the game to ensure tennis is a leading light for sport both on and off the field.


The ITF wants to create more opportunities for women to become leaders in sport. The Foundation of Global Sports Development has provided the ITF with a grant to fund the ‘Empowering Female Leaders’ programme. This will consist of workshops, education courses and professional development for women in leadership, officiating and coaching.


It is vital that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and enjoy tennis. From the programmes and competitions on offer to the funding, training, earning potential, prominence and exposure, it’s important to provide balanced support for both genders.


The ITF and member nations must build a culture that is inclusive and inspirational to ensure the sport is addressing and eliminating bias and discrimination at every level. It is essential to look at work practices, the environment in which we operate and the way we communicate to develop an equal advantage sport.


Women’s sport is seen as progressive and inspiring and audiences are growing. The theme of value looks to ensure that tennis is maximising women’s events from a fan, sponsorship and broadcast perspective.


The final theme centres around making sure that tennis speaks with one voice. The language used in the media can have a significant influence over the perceptions of the women’s game. The ITF is committed to working with the international tennis media to find “One Voice” for the male and female game which speaks to the value of both equally.

Chair of the ITF’s Women in Sport Committee Katrina Adams said: “We have the opportunity to become the inspirational role model for all Olympic Sports in regard to equal opportunity. Our vision is that tennis is an equal advantage sport. Tennis is better for everyone when we all get an equal opportunity to play, compete and lead in the game we all love.”   

Watch this video for more information about Advantage All.