Isner Earns 2018 US Open Sportmanship Award

US Open Sportsmanship Committee Co-Chair Lars Rosene, John Isner and USTA Chairman of the Board and President Katrina Adams (photo: Andrew Ong/USTA)

USTA Press Release, September 5, 2018

US Open quarterfinalist John Isner was awarded the men’s 2018 US Open Sportsmanship Award on Tuesday. The award is presented to the professional tennis players who best demonstrate excellence in sportsmanship throughout the US Open Series and the US Open. The women’s honoree will be announced at a later date.

Eligibility requirements for winners include participating in at least two Series tournaments, as well as the 2018 US Open. Each US Open Sportsmanship Award winner receives a trophy and a $5,000 donation to the charity of his or her choice.

The USTA started a Sportsmanship Committee in 2011. Its charge is to “educate and inspire youngsters and their parents to develop and exhibit a high degree of sportsmanship and an attitude of fair play and mutual respect on and off the tennis court. Underlying the charge is the ethical imperative that fairness is more important than winning.”

The USTA Sportsmanship Award Selection Committee is comprised of USTA representatives, former players and journalists, including Co-Chairs Todd Martin and Lars Rosene, Jon Vegosen, Mary Carillo, Mary Joe Fernandez, Chanda Rubin, Joel Drucker, Steve Flink and Matt Cronin.