Online Tennis Betting Guide

STARNBERG, October 24, 2018 (Sponsored)

Tennis is a fast-paced game that attracts many punters from around the world. There are tournaments held for nine months of every year. Thus, punters are provided with numerous chances to bet on. Additionally, there are many bookmakers offering bettors with a wide choice of different markets and below will guide you on how each one works.

Although there are different ways you can bet on Tennis online, the top recommended method is to place your bet on the possible winner of any of the four majors or Grand Slams. The four majors in Tennis betting are the French Open (clay), Australian Open (hardcourt), Wimbledon (grass) and the US Open (hardcourt). The Grand Slams host both men and women. Also, players can participate in ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) and WTA (Women’s Tennis Association).

This guide will take you through the different betting markets available for Tennis lovers. We have also listed some of the most reputable bookmakers offering Tennis betting markets.

Handicap Market

In handicap betting, one player’s number of games or set are higher than their opponent. This is common where one player happens to be stronger than the other. What a bookmaker decides on the Handicap figure and punters can choose whether Player X will lead with a + handicap or Player Y will make up their – handicap as still emerge the winner.

Total Games Market

The Total Games or Over/Under market is where the bookmaker sets a figure for the number of games that will be played before the final decision on the match is made. In this case, punters are given a chance to decide whether or not the game will conclude over or under the set figure.

Outright Market

The Outright market is one of the easiest bets, especially for beginners. Most (if not all) Tennis matches are organized as tournaments. A bookmaker will set some odds on individual players. A player must win the entire tournament for the punter to be rewarded. Players like Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, and Rafa Nadal have been some of the names in this type of markets.

Match Betting

In match betting, a punter bets on the possible winner of a single game. A player is expected to win 2 or 3 sets in a tournament for it to qualify. This is a simple market because there are only two possible outcomes, either Player X or Player Y wins.

First Set Bet

In this two way market, you choose the player who will win in the first set of the game. You can bet on

Player X or Player Y to lead in the first set, but if the players lose, you lose your money to.

Double Result Bet

The Double Result is the only Tennis market that is not two-way. Online bookmakers will offer you odds on a possible winner of two merged markets. In this case, you bet on whether a player will win both in the first set and the full match.

Choosing the Best Online Tennis Bookmaker

There are a variety of aspects to consider when selecting a good bookmaker. Betting at a bookmaker that can offer consistent odds is vital if you are in for long-term profits. Another factor is the size of the sign-up bonus offer. Almost every bookmaker rewards new players with a welcome bonus offer. However, welcome bonuses come with terms and conditions like the wagering requirements. The security software used by a bookmaker is equally essential. This will help to ensure that all your transactions and personal information are protected from hackers and other unauthorized people. Lastly, the customer support must be skilled and available to help players. Here are some of the top online Tennis bookmakers in the gambling industry.

William Hill Sports

* Bet $10 and play with $30

* All free bets are credited as three times the initial bet

Paddy Power Sport

* All new customers get $20 risk-free bet

* Bonus refund of $20 cash on the first lost bet

888 Sports

* Deposit $10 and get $30

* Safe and secure payment options

Betfred Sports

* Deposit a min of $10 and get $30 plus 30 free spins.

* Accepts bettors from the UK and Nothern Ireland.

BetVictor Sports

* Deposit $10 and get $60 bonus

* Accepts credit and debit cards deposits only.

Bet365 Sports

* Get up to $100 in bet credits

* Fast payouts