Paul Jubb The New British Hopeful For Wimbledon

STARNBERG, June 28, 2019 (Sponsored)

Paul Jubb will make his debut at Wimbledon this year, but he is a player unlike many others that have taken to the grass court, and looks at the player’s profile.

The nineteen-year-old, who was born on Halloween, will play in his first Wimbledon tournament this year, but he isn’t the normal product of the middle class All England Lawn Tennis Association background.

Growing up, Jubb’s friends had little interest in Tennis, but that didn’t stop him. Orphaned at a young age, Jubb was raised by his grandmother, whom he lived with from the age of four.

Jubbie as he is known to those closest to him still has strong emotional ties to his parents, and in fact, has their names tattooed on his back. But he has made it clear that it is not a part of his life that he wants to dwell upon.

“Jonny Carmichael [a coach Jubb worked with in Hull] has always engrained that into my head because I did have a little stage when I was younger when I did get a little self-pity. He always was like, “This is your situation, and you can’t change it, so if you’re going to moan about it you’re not going to get anywhere”. You’ve got to make the most of what you’ve got and from that point on that’s always been the mentality I’ve had. It is what it is, and you’ve just got to work hard and do you.” he told Wimbledon journalists.

Jubb is little known, outside of those who follow the behind the scenes action for Wimbledon, but he certainly has pride flowing through his veins, particularly after a strong rise during 2019.

At the age of sixteen, the player, who is also a fan of Liverpool Football Club, moved to the US following the advice of his coach. In the US he emulated players such as Jimmy Conners and John McEnroe by winning the NCAA’s Men’s Singles title in Orlando while he was representing the University of South Carolina. Normally this win would earn him a wildcard berth at the US Open; however, this has been denied to him due to the fact that he is not an American.

Instead, the player will be able to return to home soil and take part in Wimbledon after being given a main draw wildcard spot by chiefs for the tournament here. Jubb has been sampling life as a professional tennis player, playing in numerous tournaments in the UK before fighting his way through the competition in Eastbourne, the Wimbledon precursor. He managed to knock out Denis Istomin, the player that famously caused Novak Djokovic to be knocked out of the Australian Open in 2017, and the Russian No. 68 in the world Seed, Andrey Rublev in order to make it to the first round.

Asked if he would forgo his education in order to play tennis, he said ‘If I won Wimbledon maybe! [I’m] Just figuring out what is best for me really. I am still young. I don’t feel a rush right now to go on to the pro tour. I am still developing my body physically.’