Best Online Betting Websites For Sports Fans

STARNBERG, September 11, 2019

As we go on with the professional betting sites, many sports fans are finding the best online betting websites in order to bet on their favorite teams with the upcoming seasonal games. Since the demand is high, we did the research together with professional bettors and sports fans who only do this without any commitment whatsoever to take both opinions into consideration. 

On another note, we checked over 100 betting websites and spent a lot of time to examine each and ensure their credibility. As always, these people we consulted for the reliability of the websites gathered have already experienced using each sportsbook. With that you’ll be able to perceive their experiences with the websites listed below and find out among them which has the quickest payout, outstanding odds, and best bonuses that you can achieve.


Betway is known among the most reliable betting websites to exist. It has a guide which makes it easy for newbies to jumpstart their betting journey. Alongside, there are a multitude of selections and different ways to bet for your chosen sports team. On top of that, it features tons of functionalities that can make your betting experience easy and effective. 

It offers a deposit bonus of more than £30 free bet. 

Overall website score: 5 out of 5


888sport is known to be a fun betting website that streamlines a newbie bettor’s experience in order to get started in a more convenient way. Compared to other online betting platforms, it also has more extra functionalities that can be distinguished by a beginner and experienced bettors alike. Their deposit bonus can reach up to $30 if you’re going to bet $10. 

Overall website score: 5 out of 5 


With its creation in 1983 and online in 1996, Intertops is considered one of the oldest sports betting websites known to cater for avid sports fans. Thank to their worthy odds and appealing bonuses, their reputation in the betting market has risen through the years. 

Additionally, sports fans and bettors alike are continuously putting up with their websites because of their deposit bonus reaching 50% or more than $200 in cash value. 

Overall website score: 4 out of 5 


With years of expertise in the online betting field, BetVictor is considered one of the most reputable sports betting websites that can deliver solid products, promotions and odds that are worth your every penny. They offer a deposit bonus of £50 match  bet. 

Overall website score: 4 out of 5 


Once again, many sports fans are gearing up to prepare for the upcoming seasonal games in different sports areas. With that, online betting websites and sports betting markets are trying to make amends regarding the increase in traffic due to website visitors. As a sports bettor, make sure that your budget is enough and the website that you chose would fit your betting needs. 

As always, make a wise judgement for your chosen teams and never fail to do your best. Doing research and learning everything are the key factors which can improve your betting performance.