Online Tennis Betting Strategies & Tips

STARNBERG, September 16, 2019

While tennis doesn’t receive the same attention from punters like other mainstream sports like football and rugby, it can offer much-improved betting value. That’s especially true since only a few factors can affect the result. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that tennis betting is a predictable betting market, contrary to what it may seem.

The reduced number of impacting variables makes tennis betting seem simple and highly predictable, but shocks also do occur from time to time. Fortunately, there are a few strategies you can put in place to gain an edge over the rest of the betting market while wagering on Betway or your favorite sports bookie.

Popular Online Tennis Betting Strategies and Tips

One of the best ways to make money with online tennis betting is through in-play betting. That’s because bookmakers mainly focus on the final results in a tennis match instead of how the match progresses. For instance, some tennis players are known to be slow starters, so regardless of whether they stand a chance to win, the player’s odds increase immensely if he/she appears to be struggling at the beginning of the match.

Here are some live tennis betting strategies to help you with online tennis betting with Betway or in your favorite sports bookie:

Set Betting: Beginner Level

For beginners, live betting on the results of each set is the way to go since there’s no need to be a tennis expert. There isn’t any system to guarantee profit, but it does offer a great value mainly since bookers tend to under-price favorites, with odds getting shorter as the match continues approaching. It’s a great way to create value in tennis betting.

Here are some tips to help successfully execute this strategy.

  • If a match is unbalanced with a clear underdog and favorite, place a small amount of your wager on the underdog to win before the game starts.
  • If the favorite doesn’t take an early lead, bet on it to win 2-0 in the sets at slightly higher odds than you would have gotten on the pre-match.
  • In most cases, the favorite will dominate the match, but if they fail, you will still benefit since you already covered yourself by betting on the underdog in the pre-match bet.

It’s incredible how well the strategy works, but everything is all about creating value. You also don’t need to have an in-depth knowledge of tennis for the system to work for you. Moreover, it not only works on big Grand Slam Matches but also in any other tennis match around the globe.

Total Games Per Match: Intermediate Level

Betting on the number of games to be played in a match is also another great tennis betting system, mostly ideal for intermediate and slightly experienced punters. The idea behind the system involves finding players with solid service games and therefore most likely to win more games. Ideally, that means that every set is likely to end with 7-6 instead of something like 6-3 or 6-2 and so on.

Having two players with great service records means there will be more games played with serve breaks being rare. Here’s what to do to maximize your winning chances:

  • Before a match starts, research about the game and the players, looking at their service percentages and the number of games they win while returning.
  • When you have identified matches with that kind of players, start looking to place bets that there will be a high number of games played.