Five Cool Tennis Games To Try This Fall

STARNBERG, October 3, 2019

There are a variety of excellent tennis games on the market. You could play arcade-style tennis games, or immersive ones in which you play as one of the world’s hottest tennis stars. Indeed, there seem to be so many addictive and enjoyable games on the market; it could be challenging to find the best ones. Help is at hand, though. Here are five of the coolest tennis games you should try this fall.

Virtua Tennis Challenge

First released back in the 00s by Sega, Virtua tennis games are still some of the most popular tennis video games to play today. Virtua Tennis Challenge is now available to play on your phone, so you can enjoy its arcade-like gameplay no matter where you are. This well-executed game offers unrivaled 3D graphics, realistic and addictive gameplay, and excellent tactical controls. Hit, slice or lob the ball as you compete against a multitude of other players in 18 stadiums from around the world. You can even make plays that match your chosen character’s style, including a super shot that is sure to make your opponent sweat.

Centre Court

Centre Court is a great slot game available from Casumo online casino, which has over 500 exciting games to play. Centre Court has excellent and engaging playability. Every time you hit the ball over the net, you increase your chances of winning the golden cup. Also, when you smash the tennis ball, you will trigger free spins with stacked wilds and mystical multi-players. Play Centre Court as a pro, and you could win the whole tournament.

Tennis Champs Returns – Season 3

If you prefer a game that does not involve simulation and modern graphics, Tennis Champs Return – Season 3 could be the game for you. Based on the old Amiga game, this game features pixel art straight out of the 1990s and a simple control system that is easy to use but more challenging to master. With quick play options, a pick and play game style, and a deep story mode, you can battle your way through matches to become the tennis champ.

Tennis World Tour

Released in 2018, this is fast becoming one of the coolest immersive tennis games out there. You play as one of the world’s best 31 players. So, you can choose from modern sporting legends like Roger Federer, Caroline Wozniacki, and Madison Keys. Tennis World Tour uses motion capture technology, so all game movements are perfectly replicated on all types of tennis courts. The different court surfaces affect your player’s style and ability, and each player has his or her favorite surface. In Career Mode, it is your objective to become and remain the world’s number one player. There are several ways in which you can move up the rankings. You can choose which tournaments you play, you can train, and you can recruit staff to help your performance. With dedication, you could become the world’s number one tennis player.

AO International Tennis

Also released in 2018, this game is the most advanced tennis game ever created. AO International Tennis combines photo-realistic players with a decade of shot data. That means you can play just like your chosen player’s real-life counterpart, right down to the shots selected at any point in a match. This game also offers a world-first in tennis games. Through Big Ant Studios’ photogrammetry technology, you can place your real face directly on to your character. There are lots of other customizable features too. For instance, you can change your player’s clothing and the stadium in which you play. Indeed, you can bring any element from the real world of tennis into the game to create a truly authentic experience.