Sakkari Named Brand Ambassador Of Porsche Hellas

Maria Sakkari (photo: StarWing Sport)

ATHENS, October 12, 2019 (StarWing Sports Press Release)

Motodynamiki SA and Porsche Hellas are proud to welcome Maria Sakkari into the Porsche family. Maria clearly represents commitment to goals through hard work, consistency and moral principles.

Sakkari says she feels privileged for her co-operation with Porsche Hellas, since Porsche has always been synonymous with her dream car and she is happy to link her name with Porsche.

“I would like to thank the Porsche Hellas team, who believed in this co-operation and made it a reality,” said the 24 year-old Athens native.

The Greek Importer and Maria are jointly planning a range of initiatives and actions in the immediate future. Porsche Hellas would like to warmly wish its ambassador every success in her ongoing effort to conquer the tennis world.