Cressy In Ismaning: “Carpet Suits My Game!”

Maxime Cressy

ISMANING, October 19, 2019

Maxime Cressy is the lone player from North America in this week’s singles draw of the Wolffkran Open. The 22-year-old from the United States is playing his first full-time season on the ATP Challenger Tour and has come to Europe in order to compete in a couple of indoor tournaments.

Cressy clinched his maiden Challenger title in singles on home soil in Cleveland, Ohio in January. Five months later, he teamed up with Keegan Smith to claim the 14th NCAA doubles title in UCLA history, defeating No. 11 Patrick Kaukovalta and Mazen Osama of Alabama.

On Friday in Ismaning, Cressy advanced to the semi-finals of the ATP Challenger 90 event. We spoke to the World No. 214 after his win against Daniel Masur from Germany.

Tennis TourTalk: Congratulations! Good win! What made the difference in the end today?

Maxime Cressy: He played well during the whole match. It was just very little details. Just a few points here and there on the serve game. He double faulted once or made an unforced error at a crucial moment. Very small details got me the break but I used it and was extremely solid on my serve games, not missing a lot of balls. It was a big challenge for me when he served too well but I accepted it and just moved on to the next point. That’s what I did really well and eventually it paid off.

How does it feel to play on carpet, which has become a very rare surface on the tour?

It’s my first tournament on carpet. I am really feeling good, honestly. I felt it from day one that it suited my game. I am happy to be in Europe, too. I am happy be home again. I am from Paris. I have a dual citizenship.

Was the surface a reason to come here to Ismaning this week?

My plan was to play indoors and this tournament was one of the first to be held indoors and there was a carpet. I am a serve and volleyer and I knew it will suit my game very well, so I jumped on the opportunity to play here.

Can you tell us a bit about your tennis career so far?

I played a couple of tour events two or three years ago, just for fun but I started to being serious last year. I played a lot of tournaments when I was still a student at the UCLA and played a few Challengers. That’s when I won Columbus Challenger in doubles and Cleveland. I actually had mid-term exams during these events.  I knew that I wanted to go on the tour after college and to do some damage and I am happy to be a full-time professional now. I dedicate my whole focus on it. It has been an incredible journey so far, incredible progress. I am looking forward to keep improving every day.

To what extend did college tennis help you competing on the tour?

It helped with my mindset, as I really face a lot of pressure playing for a team. I prepared me really well for the tour and to how to handle pressure. I improved a lot at UCLA and I am really grateful being a full-time pro now.

Do you know a lot about the opponents you face here in Europe?

I only knew a couple of French guys. I rarely don’t know anyone. It’s good get to know people. I played the US Open, which was an incredible experience for me. I am counting on playing every Slam.

I guess, winning your first ATP Challenger title at the beginning of the season has been your biggest triumph so far. A Swiss website named you “the loudest player on tour“. Did you know that?

I knew it. There are actually two articles about me. I am really pumped up on the court. That’s how I am. That’s my identity. I really fight for every point. I am just natural. College tennis helped to deal with tough situations or when the crowd is against you or with you. In the future it’s going to be more how to manage the energy. I am new on the tour and I have to learn a lot.

What are your goals for the rest of the indoor swing here in Europe?

My goal is to keep improving every day and the rest takes care of itself. Obviously I have a big vision playing all the Grand Slams in main draw competing all the top players. But I just focus on here and now and on the process. I know that I will eventually make it with determination and hard work.

Thank you.

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