How To Bet On Tennis – The How-To Guide

STARNBERG, November 21, 2019

As with any other form of sports betting, tennis has its ground rules. There is a lot to learn about the sport, the odds, what to bet on, and the rules you should keep in mind as a beginner. To make your betting experience worthwhile, here is a step-by-step guide that should help you become a tennis betting pro. 

Besides registering with a reputable bookmaker, there is more. First and foremost, understanding the odds in tennis is essential. Knowing what makes up the odds, and how they are determined defines your overall winning chances. If you are a beginner with Betway tennis betting, the first thing you should get yourself acquainted with is how these odds are presented. In most cases, they will be presented in decimals, fractions, or in moneyline, depending on the site you choose.

Generally, odds represent the probability of an outcome, for example, in a tennis match pitting two opponents, the highest seeded of the pair is given lower odds. The amount you win is arrived at by multiplying the odds by the amount you stake. You may opt to bet on a single match, or increase your winnings by betting on multiple matches. Betting sites like Betway not only allow you bet on more than one event, but you may also make use of the in-play betting option.

What to consider before betting on tennis

A lot more like in other sports, the most common selection for betting on tennis is usually picking the outright winner. In most cases, it is a straightforward affair, with top seeds attracting meagre odds, but how do you come up with the winning pick? Looking at how a player ranks is one way, but certainly not the surest of them. Looking at players’ form coming into the tournament is vital, and so is the magnitude of the event. 

Also, it is important to understand that in the history of the sport, different tournaments have had casualties. Favorites have been beaten by underdogs, and unseeded players have caused upsets, begging the question of whether there are other ways to bet on tennis. The answer is a big yes, and that is the way to go. But what are the other markets you can probably pick instead of the regular outright win?

Over/Unders (sets)

You can bet on a match to end in under or over 3.5 sets, depending on the quality of the participants. This option is usually characterized by a better payout compared to picking an outright winner, unless the fixture pits two great rivals both on a hot winning run.

Over/Under (games)

A tennis match is completed by playing out a number of games, where in this case you can bet on the number of games to be played in a whole match. For example, you can bet on a match to end in under, or over 21.5 games. It may sound a little confusing, but this is a simple illustration. If you bet on a match between Andy Murray vs Roger Federer, and the match ends in 6-2, 3-6, 6-1, that means the match ends in 24 games. Now, if the bet was for the match to end in under 21.5 games, it means it’s a lost bet, but if it was for the match to end in over 21.5 games, it is a win.

No matter the market, responsible betting is always advised. For a good betting career, ensure that you keep all the rules of the game to the letter, but most importantly, be ready to take responsibility of your every action.