Upcoming ATP Challenger Tour Tournaments In China Cancelled

STARNBERG, January 28, 2020

The ATP announced on Tuesday that four ATP Challenger Tour events to be held in China in March have been cancelled due to the recent coronavirus outbreak:

  • Qujing CH 50 (Week of 2 March 2020)
  • Zhuhai CH 80 (Week of 9 March 2020)
  • Shenzhen CH 90 (Week of 16 March 2020)
  • Zhangjiagang CH 80 (Week of 23 March 2020)

The ATP stated on its website that “they will continue to monitor the ongoing situation in China and will communicate the possibility of rescheduling these events later in the year.”

Presently, the following scheduled events remain on the 2020 ATP Challenger Tour calendar: Taipei CH 125 (Week of 30 March 2020), Nanchang CH 80 (Week of 6 April 2020), Changsha CH 80 (Week of 13 April 2020), Anning CH 125 (Week of 20 April 2020).

For full calendar, please click here.