Tips For Wagering On Tennis Matches

STARNBERG, March 20, 2020

With tennis one of the few sports that operates pretty much year-round, the possibilities for wagering on this elegant sport are near endless in scope.

With that said, wagering on tennis can be notoriously tough, with this sport depending on so many variables when it comes to the result of each game, set and match. Whether you want to bet on the outcome of a match or simply the amount of aces that your favourite player might hit, the options for wagering tennis matches are plentiful and thrilling.

More and more of us are choosing to bet on tennis, with methods such as mobile casino payforit providing players with more options than ever for payment.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our top tips for wagering on tennis matches…

Study statistics and form

It should be said that, as with most sports betting, the best thing that any potential punter can do is to take a look at stats and form guides. With so many variables coming in to play, this is as much the case with tennis as it is with any other event.

If a player is struggling for form, it pays to find out why. For example, is he/she injured or are they simply suffering from an illness? Worse, is the issue one of confidence or an off-court problem? The reasons behind someone’s form are just as important as the vein of form itself in the game of tennis. Be sure to pay attention to both!

Consider the clash of styles

As an individual game (for the most part) tennis is a sport in which it is vital that punters consider each player’s personal style and how they clash in a given match. If one player is renowned for their serve and volley game, how will this likely clash against their opponents long-game? Alternatively, if the favourite in any given match is known for their huge serve, what is the opponent’s record when it comes to returns?

A key question that you must ask when wagering on tennis is how well one players’ style matches against that of their opponent.

Big Players for big tournaments

A good rule of thumb with tennis wagering is to back the best players in the biggest of competitions. Due to the fact that tennis is played year-round, the best players tend to pick their moments to shine and, conversely, to shrink.

A safe way to function therefore, is to back one of the top five seeds for any of the four Grand Slam tournaments or the more significant tour titles, whilst reserving your wild card bets for the smaller ATP tour events.

Overall, wagering on tennis matches is much like wagering on other sporting events. Paying close attention to stats and form guides is a must for anybody looking to land a win. In addition, carefully considering a player’s style and status is also a surefire way to increase your chances.