Tennis Europe: Return To Tennnis

‘State of Tennis’ report as of April 28

Tennis Europe Press Release, April 28, 2020

Tennis Europe has published a ‘State of Tennis’ report outlining the possibilities for play and current national recommendations across the regional association’s 50 member nations.

The page will be updated weekly as Europe’s national tennis associations gradually permit a return to the courts following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The aim is to keep nations as updated as possible and to share information and best practises which may assist federations in their planning as they become fully operational again.

Tennis Europe CEO Thomas Hammerl adds, “Our focus is to restart our Junior Tour just as soon as is safe to do. For this, we need three ‘green lights’ – the ITF and professional tennis tours to resume, courts to be open and competitions permitted in all member nations, and travel restrictions back to normal across Europe.”

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