Tennis Australia Launches New Sports Techy Brekky Live Series

TA Press Release, June 3, 2020

The Techstars SportsTech Melbourne Accelerator program launches this week, alongside Tennis Australia’s new Facebook live series, Sports Techy Brekky. 

The accelerator initiative, run in collaboration with LaunchVic and Victoria University, has been created to mentor and develop 10 tech company start-ups. 

Hosted by Tennis Australia Head of Innovation Dr Machar Reid, the Facebook live series will include in-depth conversations with the start-ups in the program, all set to condense two years’ worth of work into a three-month intensive to become market ready. 

“The start-ups in this accelerator program are creating practical solutions that are set to revolutionise the way we play and watch tennis and consume sport,” Dr Reid said.

“We’re excited to share their stories, and help tennis fans to learn about and understand the different technology solutions available to them”.

The Sports Techy Brekky series will launch on Thursday 4 June at 8:30am on the Tennis Australia Facebook page, and will feature SwingVision CEO and Co-founder Swupnil Sahai in the first live discussion. 

SwingVision is the brainchild of ex-Tesla engineer, Swupnil Sahai, who saw the need for a mobile A.I platform for athletes that provides real-time video analysis and coaching. It uses proprietary machine learning and computer vision on a single smartphone. 

Sports Techy Brekky will also incorporate conversations and advice from its pool of mentors in the Techstars SportsTech Melbourne Accelerator program, which includes personnel from companies such as FC Barcelona, FIFA and Deloitte Digital.

The ten start-ups were chosen to partake in the accelerator program after a high-stakes selection process conducted by leaders from venture capital, technology and sport industries at Australian Open 2020. More than 200 start-ups from 40 nations applied to take part in the program.