Team East Wins Pokal Mima Jausovec

LUKOVICA, June 8, 2020

Team East is the winner of the inaugural Pokal Mima Jausovec held on the clay courts of the RCU Lukovica, situated in the eastern part of the Upper Carniola region in Slovenia. The squad led by Blaz Rola and Polona Hercog defeated Team West 23-4+- after the three-day competition.

On a rainy Sunday, Rola defeated Tom Kocevar-Desman in the first men’s singles match followed by a straight sets victory of 15-year-old Bor Artnak against 18-year-old Matic Dimic.

“We have to admit that the players from the east of Slovenia were better, but I promise that we will be more competitive in the next event of this charity tournament,” said Miha Mlakar, captain of Team West.

“I am very happy to have witnessed this unique event,” said Team East’s captain Robi Cokan. “Even though the result was not the most important, I am pleased to have led this winning team whose players really impressed me. I have to admit that this is my favorite tennis tournament so far, as it is on home soil. The participants were here with family and friends, so the atmosphere was very relaxed.”

As Slovenia has become the first European country to proclaim an end to the coronavirus epidemic at home, celebrations could take place in a way we knew before the pandemic. The European Union state’s government said last month that the COVID-19 spread is under control and there is no longer a need for extraordinary health measures.

Results Sunday (Team East – Team West 23:4):

Rola – Kocevar Deshman 4:0, 4:3

Artnak – Dimic 4:1, 4:1