How Bookmakers Have Brought New Fans To The Game Of Tennis

STARNBERG, July 9, 2020 (Guest Post)

Of the tennis fans that are reading this, some will enjoy betting and will place a wager on any upcoming events while others will not be interested at all.

Tennis betting has grown at a rapid rate over the past 20 years, into a service which can only be described as top class right now.

As more people bet on a sport, the bookmakers put more time and effort into improving their service for that sport. Tennis is popular, so the service has improved.

While this is great for those who like to have a bet on tennis, it is also great for the overall sport, with new fans being encouraged into the sport through betting.

This would not happen, and these people would potentially be betting and watching other sports if it was not for bookmakers.

Live Betting & Streaming

Gone are the days when you had to place your bets before an event started. This is something that has completely transformed the betting industry, and certainly has with tennis.

Now you can bet during a game, your bets can be based on what you have seen so far rather than old form or recent games. This gives you a better idea of what is happening, and which way you should be betting.

On top of this, many bookmakers offer a live streaming service, so punters are able to watch the live action and bet at the same time. Those who are betting on games during play need to see the action to bet properly, and bookmakers offer that.

Smaller tournaments such as those on the ITF World Tennis Tour that are not televised are getting attention because the bookmakers are offering a live stream, which is great to see.

Increase in Betting Markets

When you look at big sports such as football, there are hundreds of ways in which you can bet. While tennis hasn’t reached that kind of level yet, the number of betting markets available, especially on big games, has greatly increased.

This allows punters to have a choice while they are placing bets through a mobile betting app, rather than sticking to just one or two simple markets.

What this also does is make even the most non competitive games something that can be bet on. Alternative markets such as correct score betting, the handicap lines, total games and sets can all be used by those looking for a different way to bet.

With just a few betting markets, the chances are that some punters would get a little bored and turn away from tennis, bookmakers have ensured this is not going to happen.

Competitive Odds & Offers

With bookmakers all competing with each other for tennis fans as customers, the overall quality of the service has gone up.

This means you will find very competitive odds with low margins, and even new player free bets such as betting offers for Wimbledon mens tournament and other big events.

This means a new player who is signing up to a betting account will be able to do so and claim free bets as a welcome offer that can be used to place on tennis tournaments.

When you combine these offers with the good odds that are out there, and the live streaming we have already spoken about, the overall level of tennis coverage is very impressive.

Gamblers have seen this, and turned their attention to tennis which has then changed some of them into fans of the sport, and that is all thanks to what bookmakers have done and what they offer.