German Ladies‘ Series Presented By Porsche: Siegemund Leads Final-Four Line-Up

STARNBERG, July 19, 2020

Laura Siegemund, Anna-Lena Friedsam, Katharina Gerlach and Nastasja Schunk are the last four players at the German Ladies‘ Series presented by Porsche. The final tournament will be played in Versmold from July 23 to 26.

Top seed Siegemund continued her good run of form in the semi-finals in Darmstadt, winning all of her four matches this week.

“It’s been a long week, the series is long now, but it’s great that you have so many matches. I am happy that I showed good matches and a solid performance this week,” said Siegemund. The 32-year-old emerged victorious from all of her 12 matches throughout the DTB German Pro Series. “I will try to recover during the next two days and then hopefully have another good week in Versmold.”


Group A and B

Day 1 Match Result
Group B T. Korpatsch – N. Schunk 4:6, 6:7
Group A L. Siegemund – J. Niemeier 6:4, 6:4
Group B A. Friedsam – A. Zaja 3:6, 6:1, 6:3
Group A K. Gerlach – L. Ponomar 7:5, 6:1
Day 2 Match Result
Group B  T. Korpatsch – A. Zaja 6:2, 6:1
Group A L. Siegemund – L. Ponomar 6:3, 6:2
Group B A. Friedsam – N. Schunk 6:1, 5:7, Aufg. Friedsam
Group A K. Gerlach – J. Niemeier 6:2, 6:1
Day  3 Match Result
Group B  A. Zaja – N. Schunk 6:4, 6:1
Group A J. Niemeier – L. Ponomar 6:1, 6:3
Group A L. Siegemund – K. Gerlach 7:5, 6:0
Group B A. Friedsam – T. Korpatsch 2:6, 7:5, 6:2
Play-offs Match Result
For 7th place L. Ponomar – A. Zaja 4:6, 4:6
For 5th place J. Niemeier – T. Korpatsch 4:6, 3:6
For 3rd place K. Gerlach – N. Schunk 1:6, 4:6
Final L. Siegemund – R. Kölzer (Alternate) 4:6, 6:0, 6:1