Why Tennis Is A Popular Game To Bet On


STARNBERG, October 22, 2020 (Guest post)

Tennis is one of the people’s favorite sports and it has been one since it was first invented in the 19th century. Today, tennis sits at number 4 in popularity and has over a billion fans worldwide. Many of these people choose to not only watch but also to guess the outcome of matches. They bet on a variety of things based on their knowledge, perception, and of course – their gut.

But why do people bet on tennis with bookies or in casinos and sportsbooks? This type of gambling is very popular for several reasons described below.

1. Minimal Random Factor

In the game of tennis, the random factor is minimized. When you bet on a match, you don’t have to evaluate what are the chances of dozens of players like in other sports. You don’t have to check the RTP or figure out the most promising wager as you would when you play the slots here: https://casinosters.com/win-real-money-slots/. All you need is to analyze 2 players, which makes the random factor minimal compared to other sport bets.

Of course, the smaller random factor does not mean that you’ll be winning more frequently or that this sport will make you rich instantly. You still need to analyze different factors such as the players’ mental state, physical condition, weak sides, head-to-head records, etc.

Not to mention, tennis neutralized those unexpected factors that are stacked against bettors. Unlike with other sports like football, this game does not come with balls that take funny bounces, frequent injuries, or misconduct penalties. In case an injury happens, a tennis match will be called off and bettors will receive their stakes back.

2. Frequency of Games

Tennis is one of the most accessible games for bettors. Why? Because unlike many other sports, tennis does not have its season. You can bet on matches year-round. Most major tournaments take place for 10 months, which makes for almost the entire year. Whenever you want to bet on tennis, you can find some matches being played around the world.

Just think about it – there are many minor championship tournaments on different continents like Europe, Australia, and the US. There are also 4 major championships, which leaves plenty of opportunities to watch thrilling matches and guess their outcome. With the invention of online betting and live play, this is now more accessible than ever.

3. Many Betting Opportunities

Tennis is an exciting game to bet on because you have many choices when you do this. In games like football, you can bet on the spread of points, the final total, who scores first, etc. In tennis, you can make many bets on a single match.

Bettors can place a bet on doubles matches i.e. a team bet. They can bet on which player will win the entire match or on each set individually. With in-play, you can make bets on every point of every set and game. And of course, there’s the correct score guessing.

4. Betting on Tennis Live

Live bets have made tennis bets more thrilling than ever. As the game progresses, often rather unexpectedly, you can make a new bet based on what you’ve seen. After every breakpoint won, numbers change in live betting. This gives players a chance to change their minds or make a new guess.

Thanks to live betting, players also get a chance to watch many matches they didn’t have access to before. Thanks to online sites, you can now watch almost every tennis match from ATP major events to smaller challenges. This will allow you to track players and statistics and get information directly from the source.

5. Many Factors To Consider

If you are a fan of tennis, you’ll find that many things affect a match’s outcome. These include:

  • Players’ individual characteristics such as physical form, stamina, playing hand, weaknesses, strengths, etc. For example, if a player has shown great results when playing with left-handed players and bad results when playing with right-handed players, you can base your decision on this. Also, if you noticed that a player loses focus after a couple of sets, you are better off betting on individual sets than on the entire match.
  • Many players have a favorite surface and find it harder to adapt their game on other surfaces. For example, pure clay courters are used to playing on clay. They’ll have a hard time when they need to play on grass or a hard court.
  • Your evaluation of this will be based solely on how well you’ve evaluated the players. Knowing their successes and characteristics, do you think that one player will have lower or higher confidence when faced with his next opponent?
  • If you track different players, you’ll know what form they are in. You can even check their travel itinerary to see if they might suffer from jetlag. When one player is in a bad form, this can translate into a couple of losses and vice versa.

Many things can help players decide on their gambling choices. In live play, you can check the players’ conditions and behaviors. But even if you don’t bet live, you can still consider many things, as well as check statistics before betting.

Author’s Bio

Paul Calderon is a sports journalist who contributes to several magazines in the US. He also writes on different sports blogs and websites. In his spare time, Paul plays tennis and baseball with his son.