Is Betting On Tennis Easy?


STARNBERG, October 29, 2020 (Guest Post)

If you are wondering whether betting on tennis is easy, the answer is quite simple: no. It is not easy but there are a few tips and tricks and techniques that will make betting a lot easier. It is nowhere near guaranteed that you will make profit from tennis betting, but if you follow this advice then you are a lot more likely to.

Understand how tennis is a different sport

If you are used to wagering on a sport like football or rugby, then this means that you are used to betting on team sports. Tennis is not a team sport, and the mood or mental disposition of the tennis player makes a huge amount of difference, much more so than an individual rugby player.

For example, Nick Kyrgios is undeniably a very talented tennis player, however if he plays a game against a player that he does not deem as worthy of his maximum effort then he will lose his concentration and can easily lose the match. If he does lose, it is not because his opponent played better, it is because he played worse. That distinction is imperative to understand for anyone wanting to gamble on tennis.

Use odd comparison websites

This tip is not specific to tennis, but tennis is one of the sports that this is the most important to do. This is because there are only two possible outcomes rather than three for other sports so the shift in odds can be even bigger. Make sure you only place bets with odds that are big enough to justify the risk you are putting in and using the best tennis sites you can compare odds and signup offers for the next tennis competitions.


Tennis, because of how competitions work, is a sport with more patterns than others. For example, some players are Grand Slam players. Even if they are in poor form

before a Grand Slam, they always seem to find a way to get a few wins in the biggest tournaments of the year. If you can find these, then you will be betting on something that the bookies are unlikely to even be measuring, so you will have a big leg up compared to them.


In a lot of cases, it is not worth just betting on the favourite to win. Although it is true that for example Rafael Nadal is almost guaranteed to win every game he plays at Roland Garros, it is not worth the money you are betting. Instead look at a market like game handicap.

Now you can bet on the favourite to win by 5.5 games for example, or if you are very confident they will win, then bet on them to win in straight sets. This is of course dependent on each situation, but do not blindly just bet on the favourite to win. Even if your bet is successful, it was still a bad bet that you could have won more money on by doing a different bet. There are also lots of upsets in tennis.