A Glance Into The Evolution And History Of Tennis


STARNBERG, November 4, 2020 (Guest post)

Sports, whatever it may be, are considered as the best way to remain healthy. Sports are not only a way of working out, but they are also a way to increase your stamina and strength. People who indulge in any form of sports know that it is more than competition or championship.

Tennis is one such sport that has attracted a lot of audience irrespective of ages and has given birth to many players as well. When we verify the history, we will conclude that it is one such platform where the sport has seen a lot of transformation due to various issues, for only good.

For the beginners, the sport, Tennis was initiated and considered as a sport confined to the monastic cloisters. These monastic cloisters were situated in Northern France, taking us back to the 12th Century.

Tennis is has many benefits, and is most loved probably for its minimal injury situations on the turf. Played in a rectangular-shaped court, Tennis is played striking the tennis ball with a stringed racquet.

Over the years, the sport has seen many redefining, and at present is one of the top favoured sports. In this post, we will spotlight an overview of Tennis, as more than a competition.

France, The Birth Place of Tennis

If you are a fervent tennis lover and fan, you may know everything regarding playing Tennis. But did you know that the first tennis game dates back to France? It was during the 12th century; the sport was invented. But, history mentioned that the sport was also evident in various parts of Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

The sport was practised by various monks who used to play at the monasteries. Even though the sport was then called as the ‘jeu de paume’, or ‘game of the hand’, it later came to be called as Tennis. It is believed to get the name from ‘tennez’ meaning, ‘take this’. This is perhaps the word they used to shout while throwing the ball. Thus Tennis was made.

Benefits of Playing Tennis You Don’t Know

1. Minimal, less, in some case, no injury.

2. A better way to contain your anger. How? Try smashing a few balls in the court; we are sure you will feel content.

3. A sport that is also workout. Playing Tennis helps you to increase your reflex action, your hand strength, and increase brain capacity.

4. Not as costly as most of the sport. Anyone can play Tennis, but only a few can become a pro!

5. The Best way to become social. Try playing with random people, and you make good friends next day onwards!

The Sport of Early-Modern Aristocracy

Later the century, the higher class people, the noble people, took the game from the monks and started spreading the word of Tennis around the world. The sports gained much attention than those who tried to bring it down returned home with vain.

However, the sport saw its increasing fans association while playing in England. At present, Hampton Court stands tall, welcoming the players and audience, as a symbol of respect and love for the sport. It was later in the 16th century, the racquet was approved, and many transformations took place, shaping the game as it is played at present.

Tennis and its Influence

Like mentioned before, it was because of England; the sport saw a widespread of its name. As the people were enjoying the art of tennis playing, it was in the 1850s the treated rubber was invented, which paved the way to make the Tennis ball. When its transformation took place, the sport became to be known as the Lawn Tennis. Thanks to the Victorian and British Empire for helping to extend Tennis and its reputation throughout the land.

Over the past centuries, the landscape has seen some of the major changes, from the flexibility of racquet to rubber ball and how the way the game is played. As the Tennis we describe it today, the sport has been more than a sport, it turned into championship and leagues. People started giving more importance to stamina, flexibility, and all the structure of allowance was removed paving for commoners to play the game.

The Tennis, at present, has hiked than never before. A lot of changes happened in between, and the sport started giving special internet to rush, strength, endurance. Fast forward to present, with an increase in its amazing play in the field, there emerged various championships along with betting field.

Tennis Betting and Odds

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Tennis is a great sport and takes only a few basic skills to acquire the necessary steps to tackle the game. Over the years, the Tennis world has given birth to many players like Venus Williams, Rafael Nadal,

Roger Federer, and Serena Williams. These players are the assets of Tennis World! The fascinating fact about Tennis is that anyone can play it irrespective of age, so get your racquets and play on!