WTA President Announces Sports Betting Focused Partnership


STARNBERG, December 8, 2020 (by Daniel Claflin)

Micky Lawler, the president of the WTA, confirms that the organisation is now committing itself to help the world of sports betting with new and more accurate stats via a partnership deal with ‘Stats Perform’.

The six-year partnership deal is to improve the sharing of stats and information in a move to improve the integrity of odds placed on tennis matches and events. Invariably, this strategy should increase consumer confidence in tennis betting and raise revenue in the tennis sports niche.

Ultimately, the growth of tennis betting markers should additionally help the sport recover from financial shortfalls because of recent tennis event cancellations caused by COVID-19, while the sport plans to increase its reliance on the betting industry as a sound revenue stream.

Stats Perform is one of the biggest sports-focused AI operations with its focus stretching across the globe into a variety of popular sports. Online sports bookies and high street bookmakers rely heavily upon the information provided by Stats Perform for other sports aside from tennis.

The Stats Perform AI team brings live insights plus scientifically constructed analytics to sports matches. Via its new partnership deal, the WTA vows to provide more insights into tennis so ‘Stats Perform’ can offer accurate information to sports bet operations, media services, and tennis fans that dig deep for tennis stats.

News of the deal announced by WTA President Micky Lawler

In a recent Podcast the WTA president, Micky Lawler, and host Bret McCormick covered how the new WTA/Stats Perform deal will have a positive impact on sports betting markets across the globe.

One of the key points Lawler pointed out was how much she realises that betting on tennis is an important part of the game’s success and growth. She referred to a trip to Hong Kong where she saw how popular the betting markets for tennis are.

Since then, the WTA is now making moves to ensure that it is one of the most popular sports among bettors, and the deal with Stats Perform should help the information on tennis websites such as freebets.co.uk tennis page provide tennis betting fans with accurate betting odds and statistics.

Due to the recent pandemic, revenues for tournaments are severely affected as TV rights and sponsorship deals cannot sustain the industry alone. Also, the fact that a large percentage of sponsorship deals rely on crowd participation too, this is another area where tennis is experiencing drops in revenue.

Betting markets offered on tennis matches are now more important than ever so tennis can continue to assert growing revues so the WTA can continue to invest in improving the sport. This includes training facilities, talent spotting, charity activities, and social responsibility. On top of this, Lawler also explains how sports betting in tennis markets will help increase global tax dollars, as the WTA also relies on government funding for many of its circuit event tours.

WTA aims to focus on the integrity of betting on tennis

The WTA president explained that tennis has invested heavily in its integrity via the international tennis integrity agency. By representing betting houses and the consumer, the WTA can ensure that the tennis vector of the betting industry offers true value to fans of the sport that also enjoy betting on tennis matches.

As such, the WTA will provide a data feed to support Stats Perform with its AI collection of data. This means that sports betting fans are getting odds taken from a company that specialises in tennis stats and is getting its data straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were. That very same company will feed accurate information to the sports betting sites so each website can provide members with accurate margins on their various tennis betting markets.

The system will be in place in 2021 and available to numerous UK sports betting brands as well as operators across Europe. In addition to this, the new WTA and Stats Perform information sharing system is set to lift off in the USA where several states are now allowing online sports betting operations to offer fans sports betting services with tennis markets being one of the most popular.