The Five Best Casino Games For Tennis Fans

Tennis (source: IPTL World )

STARNBERG, January 13, 2021 (Guest post)

Tennis might be one of the most popular sports in the world, and now it has paired with online casinos. If your love for tennis and gambling is big, you can now combine the two and even make some money. So, for all of you tennis lovers, with today’s advances in technology, you can play some of the best casino games that revolve around tennis. 

Tennis Stars

Tennis Stars is one of the best slots games for tennis lovers from Playtech. The game includes 40 per spin pay lines that are live in-play. What is more, there is a fair chance to win in this game, and the game has a reasonably long term percentage payout. In addition to that, Tennis Stars has additional bonuses and instant cash payouts, but they depend on a player’s score. And if you’d like to explore more options on slots and tennis games, you should come over here and see what casinos have to offer. 

You can even trigger an additional Tennis based bonus game if you spin in three or more of the Tennis Racket symbols. As soon as you spin those three Tennis Racket symbols, you will be rewarded with the ability to play a virtual game of tennis. Depending on your score, you will be rewarded with an instant cash payout. Plus, this bonus game can easily be triggered during the base game and free spins, so it comes in rather often. 

Center Court

This is one of the best games for tennis fans and Microgaming Inc. offers it. It comes to you as a downloadable platform that is entirely themed around this sport. Center Court is a slot game and has a set play that results in nine pay lines. Each reel symbol represents a tennis player and there are even hidden trophy symbols that act as a wild. 

Center Court is also available in free play mode and features a bonus play that follows the lines of guessing games where you have to guess the next playing card’s color. 

Virtual Tennis Open

If you want a gambling game packed with action then Virtual Tennis Open is for you. This game is based on the Random Number Generator and it is based on a live betting casino. The features it offers include ultra-realistic gaming options, favorable odds for real money payouts, and betting options choice. What is more Virtual Tennis Open has advanced 3D graphics combined with various US Open and Wimbledon titles and offers a 24/7 betting experience. Also, it is possible to make quick alternations between matches and there are also options for close-ups, all angle replays, and even real broadcast game setting. 

Golden Games

Golden Games is a gambling game based on Olympic tennis. It is a slot game and it features associated symbols with Olympic tennis. There is a wide variety of low and high stake levels, and they give out 25 play line options. Golden Games is certainly easy to play and understand, and the slot enables players to stay under the maximum number of pay lines. 

You can trigger a collection of instant play free spins by three or more scatter symbols during the game and your rewards will come in immediately. 

Tennis Champions

This is another one of the great slots games for tennis fans. Tennis Champions features scatters, wilds, and winning multipliers that increase the value of winning lines. So, if you like spinning reels and tennis, this game is perfect for you, and you can find it on the BitStarz.

These tennis-inspired games are the best options for those rainy days of canceled tennis matches. What is more, they are allowing you to combine your passion for gambling and this sport and enjoy your free time by playing the most interesting games and win some money.