Tickets For The ABN AMRO WTT 2021 Will Move To 2022

ABN Amro World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM, January 17, 2021 (Press Release)

The 48th ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament will be held in 2021 from 1 to 7 March. Given the current epidemiological status and the associated measures, it has become less and less expected that a substantial audience can be present in the stadium.

Given the necessary preparation time, it has been decided to move the tickets already sold for 2021 to the 49th edition in 2022.

Tournament director Richard Krajicek: “As much as we regret it, we are making the decision now to move all tickets for the coming edition to 2022. That way, every fan has the certainty that he or she can attend the tournament next year at the seat and the day he or she wants to. Should it turn out last-minute that we can still offer seats for 2021, we will give the people who already have tickets now the opportunity to be there.”


The step that is taken does not mean that by definition there will not be an audience at the stadium. In the event that this turns out to be possible, the people who already have tickets will be contacted. Because the capacity is expected to be very limited with the latest information regarding the situation in The Netherlands, this will be announced at a later stage and it has already been decided to postpone the tickets from 2021 to 2022.

Experience the tournament at home and online

Tennis fans can also follow the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament perfectly from home. All matches can be followed live in The Netherlands on Ziggo Sport, but also on Ziggo Sport Totaal, which will open one of their channels especially for this edition so that non-subscribers can also follow the tournament in its entirety. The final weekend can also be seen at the NOS. International fans can follow the tournament at or one of the TV channels in their own country. In addition, a number of online activities are being developed to ensure that the sports fan can continue to experience the tournament in a unique way.