The Secret World Of Tennis Gambling


STARNBERG, January 27, 2021 (Guest post)

Tennis gambling has become one of the most widespread topics worldwide. That’s happened thanks to the popularity of the game itself. Tennis is played both in professional and amateur tournaments. The game in the up-to-date form, the one we know today, including the rules and way of presentation, was formed only in 1874, in England. Prior to this, the rules of tennis were completely different.

In general, tennis has a very interesting history of formation as a professional game. You can read about its history in another material. Now, let’s focus on the rules of the game and see what options you have when gambling online or offline, depending on different factors. What are the techniques for a successful set? Keep reading…

The Rules of the Game & the Secrets of Victory

We will discuss the rules of the game of tennis as detailed as possible. However, in order to understand the essence of this game, all its nuances from the first serve to the last set, you will need to read a huge book. But if you are not ready to spend so much time, let’s start with the basics of the rules, and check serving options, equipment, age limits, etc. Let’s start!

Traditional Game Requirements: Pay Attention to Main Aspects

The modern rules of the game of tennis were formed in 2009. The game is played on a field called a court, other aspects for successful online gambling:

  • Its length is always constant: 23 m and 77 cm;
  • For the width: if two pairs (4 players) are playing, the width of the court reaches almost 11 m (10.97). If a pair of players (2 players): the width of the court is 8 m 23 cm.
  • The net is hung exactly in the middle of the court and the height of the upper attachment is 10.07 m.

Naturally, the ball behaves completely differently in single and double sets on different surfaces. Therefore, if you decide to learn more about tennis, not just learn a few techniques, you should learn about different types of court coverage, especially, it is important if we talk about tennis betting.


The game begins, as they say in a professional sports environment, from the traditional serve. To know who serves first is also an important factor when gambling in tennis, especially with an evident favorite player in the game. The first serve always goes from the right, but after each played point, the player has to change place to the left side when playing in professional tennis matches. If you want to gamble in tennis or try other games, lots of players choose casinos of sports betting services. One of the popular services is Planet 7 Oz Casino No Deposit Bonus as it offers great options, tools, and deposit options. Players can try different games and dive into pokies culture, play table games and try video poker.

Of course, these are not all the rules, it will take a very long time to describe all game situations. But for a start, these rules may well be enough to make a bet.

Scoring for tournaments

Each tournament, the so-called game for a pair of opponents or for four players, consists of games (short distances) and sets (long distances). Three or five long distances can be played out per match. Sets are divided into games. The player of a pair who first wins 7 points in a game wins. How are points calculated at a close distance?

  • 1 point + 15
  • 2 points + 30
  • 3 points + 40
  • 4 points won – “game”

Betting Strategy

The success of the entire campaign directly depends on what strategy you choose. For example, you can choose the main ones:

  • Breakpoint – to win a game when the competitor serves;
  • When playing a favorite player, you can make a bet on the score;
  • On the common games in the set – it means you should guess how many games would be played in the set;
  • Bets on the errors of the players, and more options.

Final Thoughts: Interesting Facts

For the most part, the audience for sports betting is male – about 90%. As for the age range, there is a widespread – on average, from 18 to 45 years.

Most professional tennis betting players are making bets while sitting at the offline matches, meaning they are present at the courts. It is made as they have a time benefit compared to the online bookmakers.

An interesting fact is that the clients of bookmakers are fond of sports. This is the key point that connects this audience among all sorts of hobbies. Moreover, the maximum number of bets falls on football and, guess what: tennis.

Author’s Bio for Jason Copley

Jason Copley Hockey is a tennis fan and editor in sports magazine. He prefers to receive news and up-to-date information about tennis sports and important competitions. He also reads the latest news and watches online broadcasts while making bets and describing the main factors. Tennis sport betting for him is a way to relieve stress, an opportunity to receive vivid emotions, adrenaline, drive, and pleasure from gambling