ATP Calendar For January, February And March 2021


STARNBERG, January 3, 2021 (Guest post)

In December 2020, the ATP announced its 2021 tour that started on 4th January 2021 in Delray Beach. While Rio was postponed and New York, as well as Pune, cancelled, three separate tours were offered to tennis players in the Middle East, South America and Europe in late February and early March. 

After some weeks of speculation, tennis players were fully informed about the changes. Some dates have not been confirmed, but the ATP provided a schedule for only the first seven weeks of the tour including and up to the Australian Open. 

If you love sports betting, especially placing wagers on tennis, then learning about the ATP calendar before enjoying the latest tennis odds at your favourite sportsbook is worth your time. The following list provides the full schedule. So keep reading to find out more.

Indian Wells

Although the ATP provided a date for this event, which was between 11th and 23rd, there is a possibility for a postponement to autumn. However, it is still being considered, and October is the most likely month for the event.


The Auckland tournament was to take place between 11th and 17th, but it was cancelled a few weeks after the release of the schedule. Other tournaments that were cancelled include New York February between 18th and 14th and Pune between 1st and 7th February. 

Additionally, the RIO Open tournament will not take place between 15th and 21st February as scheduled. The ATP Tour management team said that it will provide suitable alternative dates for all the cancelled events.

Delray Beach

The tennis tournament opened the season on 4th January, five weeks after the provision of the schedule. This tournament usually takes place at Delray Beach in Florida.


The ATP Tour team ensured that there will be a brand new tennis tournament at Antalya in Turkey. This event took place between 7th and 12th January. On the other hand, the Miami Masters is still being scheduled.

Australian Open

The qualifying tournament for the Australian Open for men was to take place between 10th and 13th January but it was postponed. Aside from this, three tournaments will be held between 31st January and 6th February, where there will be two ATP 250s competitions. One of these tournaments will replace the Adelaide event.

Continental Tennis Tours Between February and March

Most of the events were cancelled and rescheduled due to the reorganisation of the month of March with most of the events initially planned for February. The concerned organisation said that it would provide its late February and March schedule in the coming few days. What the Tennis Majors know as planned include the following: 

  • February 22nd and 28th: Cordoba, Montpellier and a new ATP 250 tournament.
  • March 1st and 7th: Buenos Aires, Rotterdam and if possible a new ATP 250 tournament.
  • March 8th and 14th: Marseille, Doha and Santiago. 
  • March 15th and 21st: Dubai and Acapulco.

As a result of this schedule, players will have to organise the month of March around the European Tour which includes Acapulco, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Santiago or a journey to the Middle East including Dubai and Doha. This tennis schedule leaves open the possibilities of a normal resumption. The main factor that is aiding the cancelling and rescheduling of the tennis tournaments is the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Many countries have been affected by its negative impacts, and that is why they are not willing to open the doors for the events. However, if you are a tennis fan and bettor, there is no need to worry since there are many other tournaments to place bets on. And what is more, they come with the latest tennis odds which are competitive enough.