UIndy Men’s Tennis Opens Spring Slate with Win Over Lancers


STARNBERG, February 7, 2021

The tenth men’s UIndy tennis league kicked off its spring season last Wednesday evening against Grace College; the team ranked 20th at the UIndy Tennis Center. The Greyhounds won the encounter against the Lancers, 7-0. There was plenty of action for punters on Betway88 to wager on. The Hounds started doubles at around 5:00 PM as all three encounters were contested concurrently. 

UIndy grabbed the point after emerging the winner in two out of the three double matchups. Jason Gerweck and Tom Zeuch won 6-3, and Nikolai Talimaa and Agustin Gascia overcame their opponent 6-4.  

After that, the Greyhounds continued the singles matches without dropping a point. Gascia was first and overcame Fabricio Galvan in straight sets 6-2, 6-1. Dominik Koenig followed with a dominant performance over his opponent, Ramiro Candia, by winning 6-1, 6-1. 

The dogs’ winning streak continued as Tom Zeuch got a big win over Lancers’ junior Max Rozas 6-3, 6-0. After that, there was a close match of three sets that must have given tennis punters on Betway88 a hard time predicting the outcome. 

Yoann Much took on Facudo Paredes. Viel won the first set 6-4 while Paredes won the second set 6-3. This result meant that there had to be a tiebreaker. Viel emerged the winner in the final set after managing 10-6, scoring another team point for his team, the Hounds. 

As the action continued, a thriller between Talimaa and David Sandi ensued. Talimaa had a challenging start after losing the first leg. Then, he managed to come back with 6-2 wins and finally 10-3 wins to win the match. This encounter also presented punters on Betway88 an opportunity to test their betting skills. 

The mid-week matchday ended with another thrilling encounter. Gerweck went up against Grace’s Paule Popvic in a close second set to crown the night. The first set saw Gerweck take an assured victory over his nemesis in a 6-3 win. The two put in a great fight in the second set, which was going back and forth. However, Gerweck proved his prowess after securing a 7-6 victory, narrowly escaping a tiebreaker in the process.  

After the impressive performance, UIndy faced off with GLIAC powerhouse and Midwest rivals Grand Valley State. The encounter took place at their UIndy Tennis Center on Saturday. They continued their winning ways with two great victories. 

In the event, Tom Zeuch and Jason Gerweck were at it again as they bagged the day’s first win. The two sophomores provided an excellent example for freshman Yoann Viel and his partner Emilien Baradel who won the second encounter 7-6. Later a tightly contested match saw Nikolaj Talimaa senior and Agustin Gascia win 7-6 to add to the Hounds’ tally. 

The singles play against Grandvalley also went well as they won five matches out of six. They then came up against Grace for a second time, and the results were as in the exhibition match after they won 7-0. They easily won the doubles games but had to fight to win the singles matches. Their next assignment is against the Butler Bulldogs on Valentine’s day.