What’s Happening With Wimbledon 2021?

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STARNBERG, February 20, 2021 (by Daniel Claflin)

Missing out on such an iconic tennis event in 2020 would have hurt players and fans alike. There is nothing quite attending the world’s most prestigious event, and those that decided to cancel the event would have understood this. They had a difficult decision to make, but ultimately, we would all accept that it was the right one.

Amid the global pandemic of COVID-19, the UK was one of the worst-hit nations. It was this that led to it being the first time since World War Two that Wimbledon was cancelled. This just shows the scale of events that it takes to cancel something as traditional and legendary as Wimbledon.

Will Wimbledon 2021 Take Place?

But what about Wimbledon 2021, is it going ahead? Well, organisers are still discussing the potential scenarios but the good news is that the event is likely to go ahead. The question is whether there will be fans, some fans, or no fans allowed to attend.

The All-England Club released a statement in which it described the three possible scenarios for the 2021 edition of Wimbledon which were being discussed. The first was to play the event with a full complement of fans, the second to play the event at reduced capacity, and the third to play the matches behind closed doors.

A decision is still yet to be made but with the event scheduled to start on the 28th of June, it is understandable that they are taking their time and monitoring the ever-changing landscape of this pandemic.

At Least We Can Watch and Bet on Wimbledon 2021

No matter If fans are allowed or not, the good news is that we can still watch the event as it is at least taking place. You can catch it on television and even enjoy a bit of online betting. Pick the outright winner, how many games or sets, or various other interesting bets on the outcome of the matches.

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Wimbledon Not the Only Event Affected

As you might expect, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected numerous sporting events including major tennis tournaments, on a global scale. Some countries have imposed stricter measures than others but on the whole, it has not been a good year for those that like to attend sporting events.

In tennis, Wimbledon was the biggest casualty but the Canadian Open, Barcelona Open, and Miami Open were just some of the other events cancelled in 2020. Many events such as the US Open were postponed, while others shortened playing schedules or removed categories altogether.

The good news is that in some countries, fans are starting to return to the stands. Just recently, reduced numbers of fans were initially allowed to watch the Australian Open but by the fifth day, COVID struck again. The state of Victoria declared lockdown measures which meant for five days, no fans would be able to attend. Fortunately, that lockdown was lifted in time for both the men and women’s semi-final matches.