The Four Biggest Tennis Tournaments To Bet On


STARNBERG, March 18, 2021 (Guest post)

When people think of sports betting, they usually think of betting on football. However, thousands of people around the world and in the UK also enjoy betting on tennis games. There are numerous tennis games and championships, but what are the best tournaments to bet on? Let’s take a look below!


Wimbledon is arguably the biggest tennis tournament in the world, making it one of the best tournaments to bet on. The championship, which is the oldest tennis tournament in the world, takes place every year between June and July. Much like the Royal Ascot, Wimbledon is a prestigious event and requires a very strict all-white dress code for competitors. Members of the Royal Family and other celebrities occasionally attend the event, and the game has strange traditions, such as the consumption of strawberries and cream.

The tournament is one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments and involves some of the most famous tennis players. It comprises five main events; the Gentlemen’s Singles and Doubles, the Ladies’ Singles and Doubles, and the Mixed Doubles. All of these games provide plenty of betting opportunities for tennis aficionados.

The Three Other Grand Slam Tournaments

As mentioned, Wimbledon is one of four Grand Slam Tournaments, and the other three Grand Slam Tournaments are all worth betting on. These tournaments include the Australian Open, which takes place in January; the French Open, which takes place between May and June; and the US Open, which takes place between August and September. Like Wimbledon, the above tournaments all see numerous famous players in attendance and are all comprised of various matches, making all of them great for betting on.

The ATP Finals

The ATP Finals is an annual men’s tennis tournament that is held in November. The event marks the end of the season championship and sees the top eight Singles players and Doubles teams compete against each other. The event, which started back in 1970 under a different name, is so popular that it’s earned the nickname of being the fifth Grand Slam Tournament. There are numerous matches as part of the event, and with it being so big, the ATP Finals is definitely a tournament worth watching and betting on.

The WTA Finals

The WTA Finals is a tournament part of the Women’s Tennis Association. The event, which started in 1972, takes place between October and November every year and, similarly to the ATP Finals, marks the end of the season for professional players. The tournament features eight Singles players and eight Doubles teams who all compete for the main prizes. Similarly to the other tournaments on this list, the WTA Finals are made of several matches, all of which you can enjoy betting on.

There are dozens of other tennis games and tournaments that you can bet on, but we believe that these are the biggest and the best. The events we’ve listed here receive some of the most media attention, which means you’re more likely to find available bets and promotions compared to some of the smaller tournaments.