Learn The Basics: A Comprehensive Guide To Tennis Betting


STARNBERG, May 10, 2021 (Guest post)

Tennis may not be one of the mainstream sports in the United States, but it is highly popular among sports bettors worldwide. This is because the tennis calendar is organized so that matches are played almost every day. Both the ATP and WTA Tours also travel all over the world, allowing several matches to be played at different time zones.

What is great about betting on this sport is that its governing bodies made data and metrics available to the public. In that regard, this makes tennis become one of the most progressive sports in the world. This comprehensive guide will help you walk through the industry of tennis sports betting. Get ready to crush the sportsbook and still keep some money in your pockets!

Tennis Betting: The Different Wager Types

Despite what many sports bettors believe, one can actually wager on many more aspects of a tennis tournament or match than just the winner. This degree of flexibility in tennis betting is a welcome sign for every sports bettor to participate in. There might be a lot more to learn and familiarize, but this gives you more chances of winning a tennis bet.

Though you can choose from different wager types, remember that availability doesn’t always mean that you have to place bets on all of them. It’s totally fine if you will only place your bets on match winners. Keep in mind: less is more. Below is a list of the different types of tennis betting that you can choose from:

Outright Winner Bet

Also known as a to-win bet, outright winner betting may be the simplest bet included in this list. This is a great starting point for you if you are still getting familiar with tennis betting. Ever think of a tennis player winning the next match? You can place your bet on them with an outright winner bet. If that player wins, you also win! How good is that?

It will be best to keep in mind that knowing the betting odds on every competing player is essential before a major tennis tournament. This is because all players are expected to pay better than even money, which means that if you wager for $100, you may get more than $100 in profit.

Match Betting

Match betting is like an outright winner bet, but instead of betting on an entire tennis tournament winner, you will bet on the winner of an individual match. You can choose which of the competing players is most likely to win. Depending on the degree of favorite or underdog a player has, the payout odds will always be adjusted.

Handicap Betting

If you want to place on a player but are still doubting if they can actually win the match, you should try handicap betting. This wagering type is similar to the spread betting of other sports. Handicap betting intends on spotting a number of games for the underdog to have a fair playing field. Ideally, the player who will perform better will be the match’s winning bet.

Over/Under Betting

Tennis’ over/under-betting bets on how many sets it will take to complete a match. Here, you don’t have to pick a winner; what you only need to do is correctly guess how long the match will be. In a three-match format, you can bet between over or under 2.5 sets.

To simplify it, you can choose to bet that the match can end in straight sets by choosing the under 2.5 sets, or you can bet that the match will take three sets by choosing the over 2.5 sets. What differs the over/under-betting in tennis from the other sports is that the payout odds are sometimes shifted and won’t pay even money to both sides of the bet.

Exact Score Betting

If you are already a tennis wizard of some sort who prefers making a higher variance of bets, exact score betting is for you! This type of wager allows you to attempt predicting each set’s exact score or the exact number of sets that each opponent wins. It can be pretty challenging to participate in this type of bet, so better have a healthy budget on hand when betting.


You finally know the basic way around the world of tennis betting. With the list of wagering types provided above, you’ll now have an idea of where to place your bets at the next tennis tournament. Make sure you learn your strategies right and bet wisely!