The Best Tennis Tournaments To Place A Bet On


STARNBERG, June 10, 2021 (Guest post)

Football might dominate the sports betting industry, but savvy punters also know that tennis can provide just as many thrills and winning opportunities. If you are looking to branch out into a new sport, then tennis is a great choice.

Major events take place throughout the year, and there is a wealth of information available to help make picks. One of the key tips when it comes to tennis is to select the best tournaments. These have the biggest range of tennis betting markets and usually offer choices with some superb odds. With that, let’s take a look at three of the best tennis tournaments to place a bet on.


Wimbledon was established in 1877 and is the most prestigious tournament for tennis players in the world. The action takes place over the first two weeks of July in London and is always guaranteed to pull in the sport’s biggest names.

Wimbledon is one of the four Grand Slams and the third on the tour calendar. There are several quirks that make Wimbledon stand out, such as the club’s rules that stipulate players need to wear white, and the fact that play occurs on a pristine grass court. Because of Wimbledon’s popularity, anyone wanting to make a wager can take advantage of a vast range of markets, and the media coverage is extensive, meaning Wimbledon is easy to follow.

Australian Open

The Australian Open takes place over the last two weeks of January, making it the first Grand Slam tournament each year. As such, it attracts players wanting to make a mark after resting through the Christmas season.

The tournament was established in 1905, giving it an excellent pedigree, while the action takes place on a hard court. Since the Australian Open is the first tournament of the year, it may present favourable betting opportunities as bookmakers adjust to players’ current form.

The French Open

Starting in the last week of May is the popular French Open. Established in 1925, this prestigious tournament also attracts the world’s best male and female tennis players. One of the reasons why so many top players travel to Roland Garros to compete is that the French Open is played on a clay court – the only Grand Slam tournament to do so.

This gives players the chance to prove they can be the best on any surface. The French Open is an event that many bookmakers live stream, allowing spectators to stay on top of the action.

Tips For Betting On Tennis

To potentially maximise your returns when betting on tennis, here are a few tips to consider.

  • Like other sports, a little research goes a long way, so studying stats and player form is an important step.
  • Look at head to head results, comparing overall records with recent wins or losses. The market places a lot of emphasis on current form, so players coming off illness or injury may present good value.
  • Get to know how players react under pressure. Possessing sound knowledge of which players excel in converting critical breakpoints while others crumble may offer excellent in-play betting options.