Five Things You Should Know As A Tennis Betting Beginner


STARNBERG, September 18, 2021 (By Max Wolff)

Playing tennis is good for your body and mind. It’s probably the reason you fell in love with the sport in the first place. Maybe you love tennis because you can play or watch the sport alone or with your friends. What’s more, it’s great for stress relief.

In this article, however, we’ll address people who cherish tennis because it’s a great sport for betting. It’s available at leading betting websites. There’s plenty of betting information and you can always claim a bonus to boost your bankroll.

That said, below are 10 helpful facts about betting that could improve your tennis betting success.

#1: Betting Sites aren’t Created Equal

The first rule of betting on tennis is to choose a great betting website. Look at safety features like data encryption, a license and password protection. Next, look at a site’s tennis markets. What competitions does it offer? What are the available bet types?

Ideally, you want a bookmaker that covers tennis in-depth. If there’s a major tennis competition around the world, you should have the chance to bet on it. As mentioned, you need to wager on multiple outcomes and not just the outright winner:

  • In-play Betting
  • Handicaps
  • Over/Under
  • Props
  • Exact Score

Takeaway: Choose a betting site that meets all your expectations, from safety to customer service. Also, learn about a bookie’s payout speed, and app reliability during peak hours.

#2: Quality Bets Make You Money

Far too many tennis punters bet without putting much effort in choosing quality bets. They identify a match. Next, they place a bet backing their favorite player at their preferred betting app.

The problem: betting is a skill that requires you to choose quality bets. Let’s say you want to bet on the US Open.  It’s the third round and Novak Djokovic has a match against South Korea’s Kei Nishikori at the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

All the bookies are tipping Djokovic to win at odds 1.25. You can bet $100 and win $125. But then, there’s another bet type. A handicap bet supporting Djokovic to win by two or more sets has odds off 1.90. With this quality bet type, you will win $190 from your $100 bet.

#3: Free Bets aren’t Always Free

Betting bonuses can be confusing. Sportsbooks claim they’re free bets. Yet, you can’t cashout your winnings before you fulfill a ton of terms and conditions. Unfortunately, many beginners learn about bonus policies after they’ve already claimed and used up their freebies.

By then, they might have won some money. But they will need to meet exploitive playthrough terms and deal with painfully low withdrawal limits. In light of that information, choose tennis betting bonuses wisely.

Have a look at free bets UK. Some of them ask for no deposits. All you need is to create an account. Some bonuses require a small £10 deposit in exchange for a bigger £30 free bets. All the same, read the fine print and choose the right bonus for you.

#4: Comparing Odds Can be Profitable

As we mentioned earlier, it’s a mistake to place a bet on the first betting site you come across. The most experienced punters compare odds on several sportsbooks before they place their bets. The explanation is straightforward.

Bookmakers have different odds for all their bet types. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a money line, a handicap or correct score. No two betting apps have the exact odds. That’s alright. It gives you a chance to compare odds to determine where you should place your bet.

Let’s say you want to bet on a competitive game between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. The two legends are in great form. As such, some bookies have the Spanish as the favorite. Others are backing the Swiss to win.

Interestingly, some bookies are backing Nadal to win on clay at odds 2.5. Others have him to win at odds of 1.90. If you think he will win because of his exemplary record on clay, you obviously you want to bet on the site with odds of 2.50.

#5: Think Long-Term

When you think about it, sports betting looks like an easy path to millionairedom. You’re a tennis fan who watches pretty much every ATP Tour game. As such, you have an idea of who will win many games.

That means you’re confident about your betting picks. Unfortunately, overconfidence leads to failure in betting. So does greed. Greedy bettors want to place all their money on one betting slip. Or they want to accumulate multiple wagers for a windfall.

Think long-term if you want to be a successful tennis punter. Focus on winning regularly rather than winning huge amounts at once. If you can win more than 60% of your wagers, you can be a profitable bettor in the long-term.

#5: A Budget Can Save you Money

There’s a reason financial experts advise you to have a budget. It’s a helpful tool that can save you money in the long run. In betting, you need a budget to guide you on the amount to spend in every bet, every week and month.

Importantly, a betting budget helps keep your finances in order. You can separate money meant for your bills from gambling money. Next, you know when to stop betting: when your budget runs out.

Of course, you can be flexible with how you bet. If you win meet your monthly goal, you can always increase your bankroll by a small percentage. Likewise, you can reduce your bankroll after an extended period of losing. The objective is to maximize your profits, after all.

Your Turn

If you want to win at tennis betting, choose a reliable bookmaker. Learn the fundamentals of betting but think long-term. Focus on your winning ratio rather than hitting the jackpot. Crucially, prioritize quality bets.

Quality bets provide the best returns for your investment. And this is especially true if you bet using the most competitive odds available. To save money, create a budget and set goals. Consider using free bets but only if they have fair terms.