Microsoft Powers Data And Insight For Billie Jean King Cup Finals

Billie Jean King Cup Match Insights application

ITF Press Release, November 2, 2021

Teams competing in the Billie Jean King Cup by BNP Paribas Finals in Prague from 1-6 November will, for the first time, have access to near real-time data analytics during matches via a customised Billie Jean King Cup Match Insights application, powered by Microsoft.

The new application was developed between Microsoft – the Global Technology and Innovation Partner of the Billie Jean King Cup Finals – the International Tennis Federation (ITF), Billie Jean King and coaching experts, and uses the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and Azure advanced analytics solutions to process and analyse key elements of a player’s game.

The Match Insights application visualises data and insights in a touchscreen enabled dashboard that team members can quickly pick up and use courtside. Within the unique team environment of the women’s world cup of tennis, players and their captains will have on-court access to match data generated by ball-tracking cameras and 3D radar systems, available to them via Microsoft Surface devices. Teams will have access to the Match Insights application during play to make real-time adjustments as well as during practice to prepare for upcoming matches.

Key functions will include:

Serve patterns – placement and efficiency
Return of serve breakdown – placement and accuracy
Court coverage – movement around the court and total distance covered
Whiteboard function – can be annotated by captains and players with insights and saved for later use

ITF President, David Haggerty said: “In renaming the competition as the Billie Jean King Cup, the ITF looked to combine tradition and innovation and this is something that this partnership with Microsoft builds on. It will be fascinating to watch the 12 best teams in the world competing in Prague, with access to this game-changing insight, allowing captains and players to make real-time decisions during matches.”

Jeff Hansen, general manager of Strategic Brand Partnerships at Microsoft, added, “By harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure, our advanced analytics solutions and Surface devices, the Match Insights application will empower some of the world’s most elite women athletes with new insights to help them hone their game. Teamwork is such an important aspect of this competition, and we’re excited to see how captains and players use technology to elevate their partnerships and revolutionize finals game play.”