The 5 Best Casino Games For Tennis Fans


STARNBERG, December 15, 2021 (Guest post)

Tennis is one of the most beloved sports and has fans all over the world. With thousands of casino games available, including movie-themed slots, casino games about ancient civilizations, and even TV program-based slots, it is no wonder that there are also some tennis-themed casino games playable in the world’s best online casinos. In this article, we will discuss the best casino games that involve tennis in some sort.

Centre Court

This is one of the absolute classic tennis slots from Microgaming. Although the graphics are a bit outdated, the sound effects on the other hand are quite on point and really sound like you’re on an actual tennis court, hitting the tennis ball. The casino game takes place at the famous Wimbledon tennis court and the symbols on the reels feature tennis players, match points, and other tennis-related things. The game comes with a traditional bonus gamble feature, where the player guesses the color of a randomly selected playing card being red or black.

Virtual Tennis Open

Virtual Tennis Open is the complete opposite of Centre Court. It features a stunning virtual 3D tennis court where virtual tennis players play tennis matches against each other. The game uses random number generator software to create completely random outcomes for every match and players can bet live on things like the winner of the first set, winner of the match, and the correct score of the first game. Every 3,5 minutes a new match starts and punters can place their wages in the same way they would bet on real tennis matches. Did you already know that since 2020 all forms of online gambling and sports betting are legal in Michigan? Here you can read more about online gambling in Michigan if you need information regarding sports betting and its legality.

Tennis Champions

Tennis Champions is a tennis-themed slot from Spinomenal and features all kinds of tennis symbols on the reels. The game includes wilds and scatter features and is playable from just five cents a spin. You could score a nice match-point on this one as the highest possible jackpot is a whopping 1,200 x your stake. One of the best things about this game is that it includes free spins that are retriggered every time you get more scatter symbols. There is no maximum amount of free spins you can get, so this bonus feature can really pay out quite well.

Golden Games

Golden Games is more of a general sports-themed slot rather than being only focused on tennis. The slot has 5 reels that show symbols like stopwatches, basketballs, tennis rackets, and hoops. Golden Games has 25 paylines and players can win up to 1,250 credits per spin. The game features a special bonus game that awards the player with 20 free spins. During free spin mode, all winnings are paid out 2x. One of the best things about Golden Games is that you can play it from just a cent per spin, essentially making it a penny slot. Speaking about pennies, did you know it is legal to online gamble in Pennsylvania since 2017? For more information about online gambling at Pennsylvania there are some reliable sources available that can provide you with all the information you need.

Tennis Stars

Tennis Stars is an online slot machine from Playtech where you play tennis for cash. The game has 5 reels and 40 paylines, which is a good reference to the real game. Tennis Stars has a bit of a retro feeling to it, especially when you look at the symbols and overall layout of the slot. Add to that the fact that the background music gets more intense when you are awaiting the results of a spin or when the bonus game starts, in which two tennis players face off in a tennis match, and you have a very cool tennis casino game. During the bonus game, the player chooses the type of serve and can receive payouts up to 250 times the stake per spin. Our recommendation is to really try this game out, as it is absolutely one of the best tennis casino games.


So if you’re both a tennis and casino fan, you now know exactly which games to play. Most online casinos feature Playtech and Microgaming slots like Tennis Stars and Centre Court, but Tennis Champion from Spinomenal might be harder to find. Virtual Tennis Open is playable at the bigger sports betting sites.