Tennis Betting Tips For Beginners


STARNBERG, March 1, 2022 (Guest Post)

Tennis season brings great excitement for fans and bettors alike.

Tennis betting is one of the most popular forms of sports betting, and that is because tennis betting strategy is fairly straight forwards, and tennis matches are quite easy to bet on.

There are several different types of tennis betting, like live-streaming the matches and betting, in-play tennis betting, and more.

Tennis tournaments have caught the eye of many betting fans over the years, but not many beginners have all the right tennis betting tips to get it right and profit from tennis matches.

We have compiled a beginner’s guide to online tennis betting, that provides the most important tennis betting tips and will help you get the most money out of watching a tennis match.

5 Tips for Tennis Sports Betting

1) Check the head-to-head records

Before you get started with placing wagers, you should research each player before the match. Most professional tennis players would have previously played against each other, so check out their head-to-head records and see if there is a more likely winner.

If player A has defeated player B in the past three matches, then it is a good sign that player A will win again.

Of course, anything can happen and there are several other factors to consider, which we will get to below, but the head-to-head records are crucial when placing tennis bets.

When analysing a bet on a particular tennis player, the most key factor to include is the head-to-head records of that tennis player against a particular opponent.

You can look at tennis odds today for more information.

2) What is the court surface

Some players are much stronger on a certain court surface than others, and this plays a major role in determining tennis odds and betting markets.

Some players who depend mostly on their serve prefer hard court, while those who rely on volley prefer grass surface. You also get clay specialists.

Doing your due diligence on the court and the speciality of the player will help influence your decision-making, and will help you with making money.

One player may have defeated another player several times in a row on a grass court, but if the next Grand Slam is hosted on clay courts, there is no guarantee he will win again.

3) Player form and statistics

The form chart is important when it comes to a betting strategy. It provides information on recent matches and how a certain player performed.

It will indicate if the player is on a winning or losing streak, which in turn will influence the player’s confidence.

A player on a winning streak, or who has been winning straight sets, is more likely to continue this streak.

Two players who are both on a winning streak may be more evenly matched and could be a complicated match to bet on.

You can also use available player statistics to help you decide on your bet. These statistics include:

  • Winners – The number of points won by the player without the opponent reaching the ball
  • Unforced Errors – Mistakes made by a player without the influence of the opponent (e.g. hitting the ball, the ball bounces twice, or hitting the net)
  • First Serve % – The success percentage of a player’s first serve.
  • First Serve Points Won % – The percentage of points won by the player on the first serve.
  • % of Return Games Won – The percentage of games won by returning a serve.

4) Get the best odds

If you are getting involved in the tennis betting market, you should try to always get the best odds.

If you have low odds, your bet may not be profitable – unless you wager a lot of money.

Different bookmakers and betting sites offer different odds, so do your research to make sure you get the best odds offered.

The Best Tennis Betting Strategies

Below is a brief list of the best strategies when betting on tennis:

  • Betting on match winners
  • Handicap betting
  • Correct score bets
  • Betting on the total number of sets
  • Betting on total games
  • Betting on tennis tournament winners

Final Thoughts

The above tips will help you to start betting and place your first bet on your preferred player.

It is important to remember that almost every fact or record you are basing your bet on occurred in the past and does not necessarily predict the future outcome of matches.

Fortunately, you can still use this information to your benefit, and enjoy making some money while watching your favourite sports stars perform.