Top 10 US Open Tennis Moments Of All Time

In front of Arthur Ashe Stadium, US Open (photo: Michael Dickens)

STARNBERG, March 10, 2022 (Guest Post)

We’ve seen some pretty incredible moments in the US Open throughout the years. We’d be willing to say that they’re some of the best moments in sports history. These moments are the kinds that would keep us on the edge of our seats, the kinds that we would talk to friends and family about for years to come. 

Before you check out the Tennis betting odds, we thought we’d take a moment to reflect. We’re looking back on the top 10 US Open tennis moments of all time. Who knows – maybe we’ll have some moments that are even better than this in the upcoming years? 

1. Andy Murray’s First Slam Win

Unfortunately for Andy Murray, he had a lot of great competition during this era of his career. He may have felt as though he was falling behind as many of his peers were raking in the wins.

Then the day finally came for Murray in September 2012. He gave it his all and finally managed to win his first Grand Slam title against Novak Djokovic. It was a historical moment for Britain, who hadn’t had a winner in 76 years. Pretty impressive! 

2. 1975 Semifinals

The match between Manuel Orantes vs Guillermo Vilas was a pretty intense one in the semifinals of 1975. This match went on into the night time hours, when eventually Vilas took home the win for the first two sets. Leading by 5-0, it seemed like he was a shoe in to win.

That was until Orantes made his monumental comeback.

The game ultimately ended up being Orantes’ for the taking, winning his one and only Grand Slam title. 

3. The Beginning of a Legacy

Pretty much all of us know the name Serena Williams. She’s a tennis legend, but we all have to start somewhere. She won her first Grand Slam in the 90s. The 1999 US Open was certainly a fitting beginning for her. Nobody knew her name at the beginning of the tournament, but by the end of it she was worldwide news.

Her spectacular win in the match against Martina Hingis was nothing short of a joy to watch. It’s no surprise that Williams is now essentially the face of tennis for women.

4. A Big Goodbye

Andre Agassi was an immensely popular tennis player from the US who made major wins in his 1994 and 1999 tournaments. Unfortunately though, all good things come to an end. Eventually, Agassi had to say goodbye during the 2006 tournament. 

He would not go down in a blaze of glory in the typical sense – he was slaughtered by Benjamin Becker. He did have a pretty great send off from the crowd though, who cheered him on for a solid four minutes to commemorate his astounding career.

5. The 1980 Semifinals

Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe face off in this historical moment in the US Open. These two racket wielding geniuses were never particularly fond of each other, and were both known for being divas. They certainly showed that during this match.

McEnroe kicked off, calling him names like Mr Incompetent. Connors refused to commend at this stage. The pair ended up having a fifth set tie breaker after McEnroe’s racket nearly hit Connors in the face. McEnroe ended up winning the match, despite his childish outbursts.

6. The 2008 Quarterfinals

Did you really think you wouldn’t see tennis goddess Serena Williams’ name on this list again? It’s the battle of the Williamses – Venus vs Serena. The pair had both had a tremendous winning streak beforehand, and tensions were already high since Venus had beaten Serena at the recent Wimbledon game.

The winner of this match, however, was Serena Williams. What a win it was though. It certainly came close though, and was a game to remember.

7. The 1980 Finals

Following McEnroe’s win against Connors, he was ready to take center stage again up against his opponent Bjorn Borg. It was a fascinating match that ended in a win for McEnroe. Still, a lot of drama went down afterwards – unsurprising given the personalities present.

8. The Return of Kim Clijsters

Clijsters had a pretty wild and emotional time during the 2009 US open. She was beaten down by injuries and ended up retiring in 2007. That was until she returned later in 2009. She ended up beating the Williams sisters and made her way to the final. She won, and then won again during the US Open of the next year. What an epic comeback! 

9. The First US Open

Someone had to win the first US Open, and that was none other than Arthur Ashe. A lieutenant in the US Army, Ashe made a major splash on the tennis scene. It was certainly a historical moment that we will all remember.

10. Steffi Graf’s Grand Slam Win

In 1988, Steffi Graf was absolutely determined to win the Grand Slam. Are any of us surprised that she managed it with that level of tenacity? Absolutely not.


There are many more big moments in the US Open, but these are just some of the best. What will the future hold? Will we have better moments than this? Only time will tell!