Tennis Takes Over Football – Cricket As The Dominant Sport

KSLTA Tennis facilities Bengaluru (photo: KSLTA)

STARNBERG, April 1, 2022 (Guest post)

Tennis is arising as the dominant sport and social event in a few minuscule towns as little networks fight to keep up with informal organizations.

Cricket, tennis, and football are the three most followed sports in India, as per the new research.

The dominance of tennis in India

Among sports disciplines, as well, tennis stays in the no. 2 situation behind cricket in the country with 53% adherents. Indeed, even as 90% of India watches cricket, the Indian Premier League in terms of fan following remains the third most famous sports contest in the country. With the obsession of IPL all over India, online betting IPL has additionally acquired ubiquity.

However cricket stays the country’s favorite sport, the research uncovers that different sports, specifically football and tennis are acquiring notoriety in India.

  1. 44% of Indians follow tennis, either on TV or in the media, at least once a week – making it the second most followed sport in India
  2. The Grand Slam tennis tournaments were watched by 33% 
  3. Aside from all cricket competitions, the FIFA World Cup and the Hockey Asia Cup, the Grand Slam tournaments ranked next in the list of most popularly followed events.
  4. Tennis is also participated by nearly a quarter of the population (23%), making it the sixth most participated sport in India

Indians are obsessing over Tennis nowadays. And this boils down to two major reasons.

The first, shockingly, has nothing to do with the actual game however with the financial changes that India has gone through over the most recent 20 years. In 1991, confronted with a tricky balance of payments position, India opened up its closed economy. What followed was a release of the capability of the Indian economy. Rising GDPs, per capita and expendable wages have implied that tennis, thought about a rich man’s game, has become more available to a more extensive and blossoming middle class.

The subsequent explanation has to do with the actual sport. Each sport builds its following as national players and teams gather more approval on the worldwide stage. India has consistently had a rich practice in tennis. From the Krishnan to the Amritrajs and every other person in between, tennis has been important for our donning scene throughout recent decades. At the point when Indians seldom arrived at the worldwide level in other genuinely worldwide sports, there have been a couple of Indians who have influenced tennis.

Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi took the nation and the doubles tour by storm in the late 1990s and early 2000s by becoming the world’s top-ranked team and winning three Grand Slam titles. They proved that Indians could be world beaters, even if it was only in the doubles format. 

In 2005, Sania Mirza burst onto the tennis scene, becoming India’s first non-cricketing athlete to cross over and become a national celebrity. The Indian, wearing short skirts and a big attitude, unleashed her forehand to reach the top 30 in singles world rankings. Through controversies and injuries, Sania trailed a path where no other Indian female tennis athlete has, inspiring a legion of young girls to follow her path. Somdev Devvarman has also established himself on the men’s tour, though he has been nursing a shoulder injury since January. India currently has 18 men in the top 1000 world rankings and 10 women.

The progress of these players has shown a totally different age of youngsters that accomplishment on the worldwide tennis circuit isn’t inconceivable. More youngsters are treating the game in a serious way, wanting to turn into the following Yuki Bhambri.

Additionally, tennis has been amidst a brilliant spat the last ten years. The memorable adventures of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and presently Novak Djokovic have fans stuck to the sport the world over, not simply in India.


Indian Tennis and Table Tennis players have shown extraordinary performances in different renowned provincial and worldwide competitions, up to this point and have brought a great deal of magnificence for the country. With a billion or more populace, India is one huge homerun champion away from seeing her own special tennis blast.