What Makes An Excellent Tennis Player


STARNBERG, April 20, 2022 (Guest Post)

Being a great tennis player does not just require understanding the playing strategies on the court; rather, it requires perseverance and hard work. In order to excel at playing tennis, there are certain qualities that make up a good tennis player. Have you ever considered the reason why some top players tend to fall while some other players rise to popularity? When talking about the real-life performances of the players, there are various elements that make up a good tennis player. Below are some of the qualities that make a good tennis player.

  • A Good Tennis Player Is Quite Versatile

Players who prefer to remain in their comfort zone can win a Grand Slam, while players who tend to be versatile in their playing can win multiple slams. A lot of players are able to make a hit with great force using their forehand rather than their backhand. However, good tennis players are able to make use of both their forehand and backhand while playing. An excellent player has a standard serving skill and an in-depth understanding of groundstrokes.

  • A Good Tennis Player Has Excellent Body Language

One thing that is quite common amongst great tennis players is the fact that they give off a high level of confidence on and off the court. Most of them have their own peculiar body language and they also know how to maintain eye contact; they are humble and patient while dealing with certain situations. When a player can walk around without fear but with confidence, these little features are what create a great image of such a player.

  • A Good Tennis Player Has The Battle Spirit

When it comes to gameplay with an opponent, the battle spirit is very essential to being a good player. A lack of this fighting nature might hinder you from performing beyond your limit. Playing tennis will not only test your speed and strength, but it will also test your character. By going for battle spirit development, players are able to build and work on a better battle spirit. This deals with how to recover from failures both physically and mentally.

  • A Good Tennis Player Knows How To Serve Excellently

Lots of great tennis players, such as Serena Williams and Andre Agassi, are known for exhibiting powerful return serves. They have shown everyone that a great player is expected to know and master the basics. Adequate concentration on the ball when serving is an excellent step in winning the game. If a player is not strong at returning serves, it can place him at a disadvantage during the whole match, as the opponent will want to exploit his weakness throughout the game.


In order to be an excellent player, consistent practicing is very important, as this will help to apply them during the real game. As a tennis player who wants to get better, you can now develop and adopt these traits, and you can be sure that you are on the right path to greatness.