5 Tennis Stars Who Love The Casino

Boris Becker

STARNBERG, April 26, 2022 (Guest Post)

There has never been a lack of professional athletes that love making a wager. You can find many prominent figures like Michael Jordan, Jimmy Connors, and Cristiano Ronaldo that have shown their interest in the field. So, why would tennis players be an exception? On the contrary, we are bringing you the list of the well-known tennis stars who love gambling or have similar hobbies.

Now, while these tennis stars love casinos, if you want to become one of the enthusiasts, you should play safely. If you want to learn more, you can check out reviews, like the one on Captain Cooks Casino. It will help you find and play table games, card games, and many other options that are secure. Many casino players enjoy perks and bonuses. You will have to find what you would find intriguing.

With that being said, here is the list of tennis legends that like casino:

Boris Becker

Boris Becker is one of the top athletic figures to ever grace the field. The German tennis legend has won six major titles. He has signed several deals in his career and has accumulated over $25 million of wealth. However, he is one of the famous tennis stars that have changed the trade professionally.

He has become a full-time professional Poker Player. PokerStars has signed him as the ambassador, as well. As a poker expert, Boris has also ranked among top 50 players in the European Poker Tournament.

Boris Becker takes great pride in being calm and collected while playing poker. He likes being able to read his opponents and loves the thrill that comes with it.

Patrick De Koster

Patrick De Koster is another one of the male tennis players that like poker. Throughout his tennis career, the tennis star has had a fair share of injuries. Struggling with so many problems led him to find his talents in poker. He is one of the massive winners in the fields, having won hundreds of thousands of dollars in various tournaments.

Much like Boris, he has entered the world as a professional casino player. Patrick isn’t a player that liked betting of any kind. However, he is a great example of how such hobbies can change your life. Not for bad, but it could be a healthy hobby, as well. He is also among the top contenders to ever have liked the casino.

Rafael Nadal

Who doesn’t remember the legendary match between Rafael Nadal and Vanessa Selbst? Vanessa is known as the world-class poker champion and the tennis player has faced her remarkably. Although he was far from winning, the sportsman surely loved his match with her.

Nadal is also known as King Of The Clay and falls among the list of top tennis legends. While he is not an addicted gambler, he does admire a game of poker with anyone. Interestingly, the legend has also been a great favourite of people in the sports betting industry. With his great win in the French Open, he maintained a flawless track record.

Of course, he is still a young talent and much is left for him to explore in the new possibility and potential.

Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius is another professional tennis player who shares the misfortune of receiving plenty of injuries during run as an athlete. The back injuries led him to retire from the world of tennis. However, he discovered that he possessed a gift when he picked the cards. More specifically, he took the world by storm in the matches.

He is one of the best examples of tennis icons that turned into poker professionals. He has won over $12 million in poker. Furthermore, he has participated in live tournaments and even Full Tilt Years to score at the top. He is also friends with legends like Noah Boeken and has occasionally played against him.

He is one of the few enthusiasts and professional players who mastered both online casino and offline game all by himself.

Gus Hansen

Tennis fans wouldn’t know much about Gus Hansen. He wasn’t a world-class athlete but was a popular youth tennis icon. Gus has tried his luck with backgammons before trying his luck in the industry with poker. He received the title ‘The Great Dane.’

Gus Hansen is known for his aggressive, bold and unpredictable style. He has often come to the top of the list and has always loved to gamble. However, he found his bane in the form of online casinos. While you could say that he had somewhat of gambling addiction, Gus found himself losing in his favourite hobby and accumulating a crippling debt of over $20 million.

The young athlete didn’t give up and decided to return to Las Vegas (LA) for poker tournaments. We might see more of him in the future as he is all set to rock the industry once again.


The above-given list of tennis players who love casino games or gambling is a great example for us. They show us that if we practise caution and don’t succumb to our addictive nature, we can also enjoy casino.