5 Beginner’s Tips For Betting On Tennis


STARNBERG, June 6, 2022 (Guest Post)

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world and throws up a lot of interesting betting opportunities. Unlike some other sports, there are factors that can make someone more likely to win a tennis match than they would on another day. Professional tennis is played across four surfaces and not all tournaments are equal in status.

Therefore, a sure bet to the novice will certainly not appear like a sure bet to the seasoned gambling pro. Please read some of these tips here to get a better understanding of how you can improve your tennis betting game.

Bet In-Play

Momentum is huge in tennis and is a game of rhythm. A player who looked like a world-beater the day before might for whatever reason lose their edge when they are playing the next day. Someone might be known for their powerful serves but can’t buy a first serve for love or money for example.

If you can see that this part of their game is off, you can place a cheeky bet in play and benefit from what you have seen with your own eyes. With in-play betting, you can also bet on who will win the next point.

Not only does this make tennis betting constantly fun it is also possible to develop a good strategy in these markets where you will be able to know how successful you must be in profit.

Unfortunately, not all betting sites offer the same range of tennis in-play betting markets, so be sure to pick a top tennis betting site that offers a wide range of markets from sites like BettingLounge. The best bookies also offer free tennis live streams which make live betting even better!

Pay Attention to The Surface They Are Playing On

Conditions play a massive role in tennis. So much so that you can completely rule out a certain player on a particular surface. Harder courts are better suited for serve and volleyers for example while clay courts suit those who are super fit and don’t mind being part of long rallies.

The best example of where this could screw you over is when you are betting on someone to hold serve. On grass maybe their success rate of holding serve is 90% plus but on clay is much lower. It is essential to understand the importance surfaces play.

Make Use of Statistical Data

There is so much information out there and we need to take advantage of it. If you believe someone has a cracking return you don’t just need to rely on your opinion as this stat will be readily available if you are prepared to put in some research.

All of this information is of course available to the sportsbooks, but it is still possible to find small edges here and then. What’s the point of living in the technological age if you can’t take advantage of it?

Head-To-Head Records Are Not That Important

You might see that one player has a superior record against another and wonder how you can use this to your advantage. However, what this doesn’t tell you are the circumstances. For example, Rafael Nadal might have lost to a player a few times when he was in his early 20s on grass, but this will have no bearing on his record on clay against the same player a decade later.

For sure there are some players who are bogeymen for certain tennis players, but you shouldn’t pay too much attention to this.


Like with all forms of sports betting these days, there is so much information out there and we as punters need to take advantage of this. If you are betting well, you will be able to justify every betting decision that you make.

Tennis is a wonderful game and there is always some tournament being played around the world so that is fantastic for us gamblers.