Top 5 Tennis Players Who Were World No. 1


STARNBERG, August 8, 2022 (Guest Post)

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In order to become the first in your field, you need to study a lot and also have talent. Speaking of tennis, it’s safe to say that to become a great tennis player you need to spend dozens of hours on the court, have great ability and patience, and constantly learn and improve.

All these sacrifices and titanic work do not go unappreciated. In addition to winning a particular competition or championship, athletes strive for the distinction of World No. 1. This is the most prestigious title for a tennis player.

The determination of the best is carried out by the ATP. They evaluate the achievements of applicants and compile their rating. The athlete who accumulates the most points in the last 52 weeks becomes the first. The more successful a tennis player’s performances in various championships and tournaments, the more points he receives.

For the first time, the status of World No. 1 was awarded in August 1973. Then the Romanian tennis player Ilia Nastase was awarded this honor. Since then, the scoring system has undergone significant changes. According to the latest amendments introduced in 2009, the 18 best results of athletes are taken into account during calculations, including mandatory participation in certain tournaments.

Since the beginning of the creation of the ATP Rankings, this award has been awarded to 27 athletes from different countries. Each of them contributed to the world history of tennis and left behind a special mark. In creating the top 5 tennis players who became the World No. 1, we celebrated special and impressive cases and their heroes.

1. Roger Federer

We give the palm of the championship in our rating to Roger Federer. This tennis player deserves special attention due to the amount of time spent in the status of the best world player. As many as 310 weeks, 237 of which in a row Federer was defined as the No. 1 player of the world. His name has become so famous and authoritative among tennis players that many are trying to get even a little closer to his achievements.

2. Pete Sampras

American tennis player Pete Sampras receives the silver of our top for being World No. 1 for 286 weeks. During his 15-year career, the athlete was able to win 64 tournaments in singles and 2 in doubles, as well as 14 Grand Slam tournaments. In addition, Sampras has repeatedly won the Australian Open, US Open and French Open, as well as the Masters Cup.

3. Patrick Rafter

Patrick Rafter, an Australian professional tennis player, also got into our rating. Unfortunately, he distinguished himself in the history of tennis by the fact that he was ranked World No. 1 for only one week – the shortest amount of time in the history of this award. However, this does not reduce the merits and professionalism of the athlete. In 2006, Rafter was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

4. Lleyton Hewitt

Australian player Lleyton Hewitt distinguished himself by becoming the youngest World No. 1. He earned this title at the age of only 20. In addition, he repeatedly participated and won at Wimbledon and the US Open.

5. Novak Djokovic

We could not miss the Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic in our top. He repeatedly topped the rating of the best athletes and became the world’s best tennis player. Many experts define him as the best player of all time.

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