2022 US Open Player Compensation Reaches $60 Million For The First Time

US Open Grandstand (photo: Michael Dickens)

USTA Press Release, August 18, 2022

The USTA today announced that the 2022 US Open will award more than $60 million in total player compensation for the first time. This amount tops the $57.5 million number of 2021.

The player compensation has been allocated after input from the WTA and ATP Player Councils, with a goal of increasing prize money in the earlier rounds of the main draw, as well as the US Open Qualifying Tournament Prize money. As a result, main draw payouts are now set at $80,000 for the first round and $121,000 for the second round, an 85% and 57% increase since 2016, respectively.

Total prize money for the US Open Qualifying Tournament has now reached $6.26 million, an increase of 223% from $1.94 million in 2016. Final round prize money for the US Open Qualifying Tournament will be $44,000. The main draw singles champion will earn $2.6 million. The doubles champions will split $688,000 in prize money.