10 Tips To Make Tennis Lessons More Educational


STARNBERG, August 19, 2022 (by Diane Sherron)

Tennis is a fun activity for people of all ages. It lets individuals exercise while playing with opponents. As such, it allows for healthy competition, which is always exciting.

As a coach, there are various ways you can improve the tennis playing skills of your students. With these active tips, you can make tennis lessons more educational for all your learners.

Serve Control Practice

Learning to serve a ball allows the game to start. As a coach, you want all your students to acquire this skill. Beyond making a serve, learners should know how to control their strikes. Therefore, you should spend some time showing athletes how to serve a ball. In addition, each student must take time to practice their serves.

The speed or the strength of the serve does not matter at the beginning. Instead, you will want to focus on ball placement accuracy. Once this technique is perfect, a learner can go on to improve strength and speed. For a person to achieve a decent level of ball placement accuracy, their method must be right. Thus, you should ensure a trainee learns about:

  • Stance;
  • Toss;
  • Weight transfer;
  • Composure.

Understanding these elements is crucial for every person who wants to play tennis. In particular, once your students learn how to balance and position their feet, their ability to serve flows naturally. You should ensure they comprehend the importance of ball toss consistency as it is key to effective ball striking. In addition, you should show them how weight transfer allows the body’s momentum to increase the serving power.

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Back Leg Placement

If you want your students’ miss ratio to be low, you will want them to learn how to position themselves. In particular, each athlete must know the best place to keep their back leg while in action. A player with bad footwork will always be unbalanced and stretching to hit the ball.

The best way of improving footwork is for all your students to learn how to shift their body weight onto their back legs before making every shot. An athlete’s ability to place their body weight before the ball makes weight transfer seamless. It also allows a person to power every shot with consistency.

Join a League

Practicing different aspects of playing tennis is essential to a player’s development. However, each athlete requires playing time to progress. Hence, it will benefit your students if you register them for a league. Doing this helps to gain playing experience. It also helps build confidence, which is a critical component of success in tennis.

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Help Learners Find Their Patterns

You should help every newbie tennis player to find a playing pattern they are most comfortable with. Doing this allows each student to develop and learn how to hit the ball in a particular way. Therefore, every athlete will have a working strategy that keeps them focused and able to keep playing.

Practice Makes Perfect

Every new technique a learner may implement requires a lot of practice before it becomes second nature. For this reason, you should not allow your students to play using techniques they have not yet perfected. Having this rule limits injuries and prevents players from experiencing dips in performance.

Organize Frequent Match Practice

Once a player perfects a technique, you should not hold them back unless there is a reason to do so. You can help students use the techniques they learn by organizing match practice. You do not have to invite external opponents for this. Instead, you can pair learners with similar skill levels to play friendly matches against each other.

Discourage Risky Shots

You will want to discourage your inexperienced students from making risky line shots. Doing this limits the chances of a player disrupting their playing pattern or getting injured. Instead, you should encourage learners to make solid shots to court areas they are sure of reaching.

Teach Them How to Identify Opponent’s Weaknesses

Every player has their strengths and weaknesses. As a coach, your students should know how to gauge their opponents. In particular, a player should develop the eyes for spotting their rival’s flaws by observing them during warn-ups or early stages of the game. Once athletes identify their opponent’s weak spots, they can use this knowledge to their advantage.

Encourage Hydration and Snacking

Tennis is a sport that requires focus and energy as players spend time running and swinging their rackets. As such, a player will always want to be hydrated and full of energy. You can achieve this by encouraging your athletes to drink water and snack regularly while practicing or playing.

Involve Other Coaches

As a coach, it is beneficial to periodically allow your colleagues to work with your students. Doing this is an essential aspect of sports in education. Plus, it lets students learn new tricks from other professionals.


Tennis is an exciting sport for kids and adults to learn. Coaches can make their students’ tennis lessons more educational by applying the tips presented in this article. With our advice, you can elevate your tennis lessons and boost your players’ performances.

About the Author

Diane Sherron is a sports enthusiast and a writer. She regularly creates articles on sports and other related topics. In addition, Diane has experience as an educator, which makes her advice extra valuable for young athletes.